72 Stay Protected: Soviet Way

Stay Protected: Soviet Way

Posted on September 11, 2007 by

soviet contraceptive devices 1

It was a well known saying in Russia “that there is no leisure intercourse in Soviet Russia”, probably it is less known for the rest of the world. It meant that Soviet citizens have made this only for get some kids. But recently it has been known that there was a whole bunch of those little thingies available for some sale in Russia, though they couldn’t be bought freely, just because demand was so great that if it appeared anywhere on the counters of the state-owned pharmacies (there were no any other in Soviet Russia), then the first who entered the store has usually bought gross all them available and then lived a long happy life or made many many Soviet rubles reselling them for his friends. So it was big luck to get them and it is even more bigger luck to see them here on photos, in this, not-used state.

And one more thing. Officially they were called “product no. 2”, because the product no. 1 was a rubber gas-mask of the same factory…

soviet contraceptive devices 2

soviet contraceptive devices 3

soviet contraceptive devices 4

soviet contraceptive devices 5

soviet contraceptive devices 6

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72 responses to “Stay Protected: Soviet Way”

  1. First Again says:

    First. My life’s ambitions realised!

  2. First Again says:

    Second, my second ambition

  3. First Again says:

    Third…you can guess the rest..all now I could wish for is to save up enough money to get a passport and then move to Russia.

    • Dungeonbrownies says:

      Thats Clever!
      I get it!

      Rednecks as in uneducated bumpkins because the downfall of Ussr went along with downfall of state education AND because theyre RED-necks as in commies!

      THAT’s ShARP!

  4. Texas1 says:

    It is big luck to see them in not used state. 🙂 So did these come lubed and ribbed? Was the latex really thick? What was the quality of a Soviet condom?

  5. adam says:

    but wouldn’t a condom prevent you from having kids??

  6. Pros says:

    Soviet condoms was part of plane to collapse USSR

  7. John says:


  8. Texas1 says:

    What is that packaging material? Is that just dry paper?

  9. lithuanian says:

    I don’t remember condoms being such big deficit. As a kid i remember them being displayed in pharmacy under the glass at all times.

  10. orknexus says:

    One of the traits of Russian personality, as perceived by many other nations, is an elevated level of aggressiveness. Some say that it is tradition – that, for example, in their villages Russians for centuries have had so called “fist fights”, when groups of men fought each other. This did not prevent them from being friends again the other day. This is widely regarded as barbarism by Russian neighbors, while to Russians themselves it is part of their way of life and cultural heritage and is even not unusual part of a wedding.

  11. Иван says:

    Чего зубоскалите-то? Нормальные презервативы. Крепкие и надёжные.

  12. orknexus says:

    Это не “теперь”, а как минимум последние 20 лет. Жаргон. Изкаженная версия от слова “кондом”.
    Shame on you, even kids know that!
    Давно за бугром, я смотрю.

  13. illlich says:

    I was going to ask if they reused them– seems logical, albeit unsafe and unsanitary, but some Soviet products were sturdy enough to last (Lomo camera still sought after in the west, for example, and Russian-made vacuum tubes also), so I wondered if they made these “product no. 2” strong enough to be reused.

  14. SVD says:

    Да лох он !

  15. Thor says:

    So, whatsit called – Little Red Riding Hood?

  16. Mister Twister, former minister says:

    LOL! Second to last one has special feature:

  17. erisypelloid says:

    Когда в мед. колледже учился, нам гинеколог Нина Дмитриевна рассказывала, как эти презирвативы проверяли.. это сейчас электроника, а тогда…. сидели молодые красавицы, перед которыми на столе были вмонтированны деревянные фалоимитаторы, ну или проще просто деревянные палки, и вот эти девушки натягивали только что выпущенные презервативы на эти палки, и смотрели нет ли дырок и т.д. Мы все конечно очень смеялись….

  18. […] Next we’ve got some photos of Soviet-era condoms… […]

  19. Chilean_dude says:

    This is strage, because in the west, people think that control of the birth of population is an issue associated with the political left…

  20. Cigarettes says:

    The condoms in soviet union was like a secret weapon. 🙂

  21. DMN says:

    фотошоп или нет,я всеравно долго ржал)))

  22. […] that’s not a new band, but what great name! Actually, the real thing is right here. Only the wrapper for a Soviet condom would have a picture of a factory on it (and I’ll bet […]

  23. I searched for something completely different, but found your website! And have to say thanks. Nice read. I will come back.

  24. Taubstumm says:

    “that there is no leisure intercourse in Soviet Russia”
    The original phrase was: “We have love instead of sex”

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