16 The Fire in Moscow

The Fire in Moscow

Posted on September 10, 2007 by

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 1

Nowadays most part of the Moscow inhabitants live in so-called “bedroom communities”, districts built in the 70s and 80s on the territory of former villages that were situated close to the city at that time. These districts consist mostly of the various models of the Soviet block flats buildings that have one well known feature – the shortage in fire safety. So the possibility of fire is very undesirable thing.

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 2

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 3

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 4

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 5

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 6

typical fire in Moscow suburban area 7

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16 Responses to “The Fire in Moscow”

  1. Washington says:

    Hope there were no fatalities. Anyone has more information?

    • soviet says:

      Not likely. It probably started in one apartment, and took half a day to spread. The building is all concrete, it can only spread through windows.

      If apartments were’t so tiny and stuffed to the brim with flammable things, it would be impossible to set that kind of building on fire.

      • Richard S. says:

        The smoke must have been very toxic from the paint, don’t you think?

      • zafarad says:

        very wrong,in every residential or office building has some kind of flammable materials like carpets,furnitures,house hold propane cylinders and thousands of flammable stuff.careless person always has to chance to start fire anywhere any time.

  2. Matt says:

    Duh!!!!That big white thing is commonly known as a wall.

  3. J Doe says:

    The real problem besides the fire itself is absence of adequate firefighting equipment. As the first picture shows, the water cannon doesn’t reach above the third floor. I cannot call it “firefighting”. They just waited for all flammable materials in the section of the building to burn out.

    The most surprising thing is that a fire like this doesn’t happen every day. Cities in Russia need to start spending money on fire safety infrastructure before it is too late. The question is not whether it’s going to happen in any large building, but when. It seems like every major city in the world needs to go though a devastating fire first hand before they do any major fire safety investment.

  4. maxD says:

    Actually when these apartment buildings were constructed an escape route in case of fire was also installed – every balcony has a metal ladder and a hatch leading to the one above and below it.

    Russians in general, being what they are [trusting no-one] removed the ladders in general and welded the hatch shut. Trapping themselves that way.

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