147 Russian 3D ceilings

Russian 3D ceilings

Posted on September 8, 2007 by

Russian 3D ceilings 1

In Russia suspended ceiling is not only a stylish element of the flat interior, it can simply save your dwelling from flood made by the careless neighbors living above. Like in this case the practice shows that it is able to gather and hold all the water. Now the question is how to pour it off safely. But just imagine you wake up one morning and your ceilings look like this!

Russian 3D ceilings 2

Russian 3D ceilings 3

Russian 3D ceilings 4

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147 responses to “Russian 3D ceilings”

  1. John from Kansas says:

    What an amazing ceiling material. What is it? Is there a normal solution to removing the water? When the water is removed, does the material shrink back to it’s original position?

  2. maxD says:

    This is well-known material for renovating your ceiling. You stretch the flexible ‘fabric’ between the walls and you can even hang lamps on it etc.

    This is a new utilization. 🙂

  3. sputnishka says:

    I also want to know what this is made of. And that is some dirty water.

  4. Dungeonbrownies says:

    thats just disgusting.

  5. Mikhail says:

    that’s not photoshoped…
    see there : http://www.euro-potolki.ru/

  6. Graham says:

    That cheese plant in the corner needs some serious disipline.

  7. Polomic says:

    What a bunch of teeny twerp toilet mouths you are… Has a single one of you foulmouthed posers graduated from highschool yet?

  8. jojobeans says:

    In Soviet Russia ceiling ________ you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    That is entirely CREEPY.

  10. We had this kind of cieling in Mexico. It was as nice though, but I do remember it collecting water from the leaks in our roof. It never got that full though, and the rest of our appartment wasn’t as nice as the house in that picture. I am pretty sure that the suspended cielings we had were made of fabric(manta) that was painted. The cieling above that was made of bambo with cement poured on top (the bambo was only to hold up the cement while it dried).

  11. JTSC says:

    The description on this photo series is very ambiguous.

  12. JTSC says:

    The text accompanying the photos is ambiguous beyond usefulness.

  13. Live TV says:

    it looks really really ugly, but I’m sure it works. But damn, I can imagine myself walking around at night with the lights off and bumping my head badly on one of those.

  14. This is increadible.

    I wonder how you got the water out of this blops falling from the ceilings.

    Yours Sincerely !

  15. doroo says:

    Nice! But you have to be carefully until you’ll get used to it. Watch your head… Ups. Too late!

  16. David says:

    A person who knows how to use “3ds max” can make those effects.

  17. Pete says:

    This looks like something out of a Dalí.

  18. jakob says:

    its very nice room!

  19. Kaiser says:

    Wow! Titty ceiling.

  20. Sacha says:

    you have to make sure to seat your mother-in-law in the seat of honor under one of these when she comes for dinner.

  21. Sacha says:

    I simply can’t believe that those pictures are real. Look at them again and get a feeling for the vast amount of water they must be holding.

  22. Boris says:

    глупый американский мозг члена осла мастурбацией

  23. gabe says:

    how the ceiling of the comment bellow will look after everyone flood this thread with lame comments?

  24. Brian says:

    That ceiling looks alive and like it belongs in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

  25. nobody says:

    My anti-spam word is: KGB.


  26. Tomas Gilså says:

    I think it might be real.

    I have seen this type of rubber-sheet inner roofing in Sweden, believe it was popular around 1970s. Makes the roof perfectly non cracked and smooth. And since it is rubber it might look like this when the water leaks from above. Does not have to be enormous amounts either, I think two buckets of water in each bulge will suffice.

    Kind regards

    • walrus says:

      These pictures are real. The water leaked from heat pipes above (so it was hot and rusty), which makes the story even more interesting.

      In fact, you don’t have to replace that kind of ceiling after such incidents. After the water is removed, they detach the plastic material from the walls, dry everything, reattach the plastic and heat it up with hot air. It restores its original size and the stretchings are gone. The spec says that it is capable to bear up to 100 liters of water per square meter.

    • Megaforce says:

      Old bulidings usually have inner roofing by big paper-sheets. The plastic type is commonly used for replacing cracked paper-sheets because these paper-sheets is difficult to get nowadays..

  27. D says:

    How small can the reply thread get? Thats great. Can someone point me to a blog about russia, in english, where reading the comments wont be a waste of my time?

  28. c-dub says:

    Claims of “Fake!” or “Photoshop!” are nearly always shorthand for “I’m so small-minded and self-centered that I can’t imagine anything beyond my own narrow experience.” The ceilings are made of sheets of PVC stretched on a perimeter frame, most likely made by a French company, Barrisol. You can see a video an installation with a similar problem on their website.

  29. Timmy says:

    I am a painter and decorator from Australia and i can assure you that there is no product on the market which would allow your cieling to have this affect after water leaking from an apartment above. these photos are obviously photoshopped

  30. Bob The Builder says:

    Well, Timmy go look at that video that griff posted…then maybe you can wake up.

  31. zsazsa says:

    váá háhá lálálálá sálálálá russia háláhálá mánánánánánáná lenin láláá háháháháá 1794, 85 27 hollááááá

  32. zsazsa says:


  33. kaley says:

    obviously photoshop with the large round smudge tool, look at the dark drag marks from the objects it picks up

    • Nathan says:

      I think the drag marks you refer to are actually a reflection from the bowls of water underneath, which are visible in a different shot

  34. Korum says:

    hepinizim amına koyayım

  35. Russki says:

    Are you all freaks here or what?! The water pipe of the upper neighbours had broken, and all water leaked through the ceiling and gathered in a so called Stretch Ceiling System, that the owners had installed before. So there is no photoshop or whatever, it is just water.

  36. shahid says:

    its a art design will u show me more design

  37. X-Men says:

    As Butthead would say: Uhhhhh huh huh. Uhhh huh huh huh.

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  39. Arch9enius says:

    I think I saw this on illegal drugs. Also that. Also halfway down this page.

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  41. What an amazing ceiling material. What is it? how the ceiling material is it . the picture will edit in the photo shop i think .how its possible the ceiling material will be strong only know.how its possible.

  42. chad bowen says:

    great information very useful thanks will check backfor moregreat articles

  43. Yoron says:

    What surprises me is that all that nice looking furniture still are in those rooms. Ah, maybe no one dare to remove it 🙂

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  45. Doug Mcwhite says:

    I really like what you write on here. I try and visit it every day so keep up the good articles!

  46. funny ceiling… lol

    Soendoro Soetanto

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