22 Don’t Drink and Sail

Don’t Drink and Sail

Posted on September 8, 2007 by

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We all know about “Don’t drink and drive” rule, but some boat drivers seem to ignore it, because they suppose that rivers are not roads. Now one can see probably the easiest way to remove unwanted bridge – ask this captain from Latvia if you’ll need such an act to be done. He simply felt asleep.


how to remove an unwanted bridge 2

how to remove an unwanted bridge 3


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22 Responses to “Don’t Drink and Sail”

  1. numb says:

    Did you notice the “no smoking” under the command bridge? ;) Maybe they should add “no drinking”.

  2. AdolphPutin says:


  3. Dungeonbrownies says:

    A sign would be useless, they go through half their lives drunk, and the other half looking for a way tog et drunk or a way to get sober enough to go get dunk again.

  4. Igor says:

    The probelem was simple…. this guy was to sober. if he had more vodka in him he would be ok and have great control of a thousand’s of tonne ships

  5. George Bush says:

    My new video. i am fake Osama bin laden http://www.youtube.com/watch?=u6P5QhPhewA

  6. Shakka Zulu says:

    That figures.

  7. George Bush says:

    Allah’s revenge will strike you soone !

  8. Ahtoh says:

    To ride the bike like this is unsafe for the two causes. With arm out like christ have no loss of control on handbars and you wouldn’t steer in line. It also would make engine lose life. Bike not submarine

  9. Dave says:

    Look closely. The ‘No Smoking’ sign is because this is a FUEL HAULER. I’ve seen lot’s of them, and this just makes the ‘accident’ more perfect. Could have been LOTS worse if he hit a little differently.

  10. kex says:

    This was not exactly “captain from Latvia”. The ship was sailing under Georgian flag! And the captain was not drunk and did not fall asleep! The accident happened last year.

  11. wtf says:

    The incident occured in Latvia, Liepaja
    however as far as I know the ship which collided with the bridge wasn’t latvian :)…

    • orknexus says:

      1) It was not a Soviet landmark. Few days after the incident the bridge would have become 100 years old. It was built before Soviets even existed.
      2) Dear “hardbuilder”, the stuff that Soviets built was of extremely low quality, as compared to the Western standards, and was built mainly for needs and benefit of USSR itself. Baltic countries now have spent many years and lots of money, and still will have to spend a lot, to get rid of Soviet era ugly and inefficient monstrosities. Major sink for EU financing today is renovation of infrastructure which was neglected during the Soviet years. Ugly buildings, primitive and ineffective plants etc. All that shall be torn down and replaced. It costs billions of EUR!

  12. Benito yeltsin says:


  13. Yoyoman says:

    Sutpid. The vessel is sailing under Georgian flag and nobody was sleeping there. The reason of the accident was the mechanical failure on the vessel.

    The second thing is that these photos are copyrighted by http://WWW.E-LIEPAJA.NET

    We kindly ask blog owners to put the copyright notice, otherwise we will have to take legal steps.

    Kind regards,

  14. Leo says:

    I think this “accident” back in 1980 might have been even worse: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tj%C3%B6rnbron#Bilder

  15. Leo says:

    See also this accident in 1980 that happened on the west coast of Sweden – Almöbrokatastrofen/Tjörnbrokatastrofen when the pilot guided ship Star Clipper ran into a concrete bridge and caused several deaths:

  16. AdolphPutin says:

    Hell no you damn fool! I am AdolphPutin and don’t you forget it little transvestite.

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