14 Old Lady’s Revenge

Old Lady’s Revenge

Posted on September 7, 2007 by

Old Lady\'s Revenge 1

Some old lady was tired of teenagers and alcoholics, drinking beer and littering in the courtyard near the house she lives and solved this problem in her own way.

Old Lady\'s Revenge 2

Old Lady\'s Revenge 3

Old Lady\'s Revenge 4

Old Lady\'s Revenge 5

submitted by Pavel

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14 Responses to “Old Lady’s Revenge”

  1. alex says:

    Second and is that Poop?

  2. Joogem says:

    I can understand why she did it, but other people (like parents who let their kids play in the playground in the background) who don’t cause trouble can’t use it now. Pretty lame!

  3. illlich says:

    i think it’s probably axle grease.

  4. Richard S. says:

    Something has to be done about the drinking problem in Russia. What about not for profit treatment centres? DUI must be reduced, I am sure that is a common problem. I don’t know! Are there any solutions?

  5. aaaaa says:

    it’s not even the same park compared to the first picture. lame

  6. Pavel says:

    Looks like petrolium jelly.

  7. Pavel says:

    or grease

  8. ukrainian says:

    Chocolate lol

  9. illlich says:


  10. Stout Viking says:

    Well, in some lawless parts of Eastern Germany they just pay off some unemployed shave headed thugs (cash or beer, either is good) and they tend to take care of the problem.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What it is?

  12. Caska says:

    It is keeping its shape very well, so i think it is just made to look dirty, but is actually clean. Along the lines of fake vomit you find in novelty stores.

  13. Trebek says:

    Either way, it wasn’t really the best thing to do.

  14. dan says:

    they look like a bunch of homos, thats probably why she didn’t want them hanging around.

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