13 A Way to Make Business in Moscow for Anyone

A Way to Make Business in Moscow for Anyone

Posted on September 7, 2007 by

guy making business in Russia 1

This presumably homeless guy has found a good business opportunity right in the center of Moscow city downtown. For some reason there was a high voltage cable right on the road surface, so most of the cars stopped and didn’t want to get a shortage from it so he approached every car and offered for some fee his service. Look down to get the idea of his service explained:

guy making business in Russia 2

guy making business in Russia 3

guy making business in Russia 4

guy making business in Russia 5

via drugoi

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13 Responses to “A Way to Make Business in Moscow for Anyone”

  1. crnipetar says:

    nice job, but what with otcer cars that are in contact with the cable on picture 3

    • Arcan3 says:

      The cable probably has no power, since most cables have breakers and that one probably went off allready… and also the cars are not grounded… Remember tires don’t conduct electricity…

      • Yo Momma says:

        Not true. A high-voltage power line on a car DOES conduct to ground. It dissipates from the source greatly the longer the distance is; thats why you STAY IN YOUR CAR if that happens, NOT because tires (which have steel belts and are not protective against current) have rubber but because voltage travels from HIGH to LOW, and you and your electrified car are the same voltage now. When you step out of the car, your body touching the car and your foot on the ground a few inches away are GREAT in voltage difference, and now current will flow from the line to the car to you to the ground, and KILL you. I’m an electrician, I know this. You can research online.

  2. David says:

    You can’t even count, Boris

  3. Kasia says:

    talking about freedom is US? i have been living in this country for the past 24 years and yet seen freedom…

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  5. hd says:

    пацанчег к успеху шёл…)

    Превед американчеги! ))

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  7. Telecom plus says:

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