33 Just an Ordinary Car Accident

Just an Ordinary Car Accident

Posted on September 6, 2007 by

an ordinary car accident in Moscow 1

At first sight it is just another ordinary car accident, where nobody has suffered and nothing interesting is going on. But take a look at the last picture. The comments are up to you.

an ordinary car accident in Moscow 2

an ordinary car accident in Moscow 3


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33 Responses to “Just an Ordinary Car Accident”

  1. Stalker says:

    Первый и ниибет!

  2. Igor says:

    Igor always dose this, take fotos of me and put on this web book.
    My car isnt that good though, its funner when i do this in my nuclear truck!

  3. Bernie says:

    Looks like there was a problem with the airbags!?

    • zafarad says:

      No i think the problem is not in the air bags,the air bag activation sensor is located in the almost center of the front bumper.if car hit something hard to bumper the bag is activates.in the pics,car hit her sides and sensor is not in action.

  4. shlyom says:

    1st nah

  5. Trotsky says:

    How cool looking dude driver.he might be thinking Russia`s new president himself.amazing, he escape from fatal injuries…thanks Jesus.

  6. KGB says:

    Vooo blja muzik prosnetsja bydet v ohye.

  7. adios says:

    фотка постановка

  8. Beno says:

    whats Ludi Invalidi mean in Russian?? cheers mate

  9. Martin says:

    Was the guy sleeping or what?

    The car was backwards slipped in this position, look at skids at the road.

  10. Java says:

    IF he had been wearing a seatbelt, the Air Bags probably would of gone off as they would of sensed the pull on the restraints.

  11. Nikolai from Colorado says:

    Well, I guess this drunk new Russian is going to get to meet the other new Russians and Oligarchs that Putin has put in prison.

  12. Pierre says:

    C’est solide, une Merco! Remarquez que l’habitacle n’a pas bouge d’un poil malgre la violence du crash (voir la portiere). Decidement, vive le Made in Germany…

  13. Finnmerchant says:

    staged man in the car

  14. Sean says:

    he is obviously drunk!!!

  15. I read an article in 2006 that says if it wasn’t paid through the court, even if he went so far as to save receipts, the court says it was a gift and he didn’t pay a dime in their eyes. Is this true to date? How is this handled? How do I collect the back child support owed? I cannot afford a lawyer.

  16. arczi says:

    LOL, This guy must dont remember accident.

  17. Libbie Krieg says:

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  18. Dian Pollet says:

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  20. Gordski says:

    We used to have such car washes in Amerika. These types washes always leave streaks on paint when finish. Now, thanks to capitalist advances, we have machines with brushes and no more troublesome naked women.

  21. just... says:

    Yes, yes don’t worry, I believe you. I know that long ago you replaced cute naked girls with zombies and other scum “with brushes” like these:

    My condolences…

  22. Artem says:

    Ha-ha!!! And in Russia those automatic washes still not developed! You can meet a bear in Moscow!

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