38 Russian Ghost Rider’s Bike

Russian Ghost Rider’s Bike

Posted on September 5, 2007 by

Russian bike 1

If the Ghost Rider was from Russia he for sure would take this one for his rides…

Russian bike 2

Russian bike 3

Russian bike 4

Russian bike 5

Russian bike 6

Russian bike 7

Russian bike 8

Russian bike 9

Russian bike 10

via oppozit.ru

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38 responses to “Russian Ghost Rider’s Bike”

  1. w00 says:


  2. Jewish Prostitute Sarah Zaluppa says:


  3. Pete says:

    That has got to be the coolest motorcycle I have seen in a long time. I must have one!

    That is a freaken CAR engine!

  4. TexasRedneck says:

    Oooh….a V8 on a bike…..I give him credit for having the balls to ride something like that, or even to build it. But he should have paid more attention to bike tires…An auto tire on the back? Better leave the side car on for good, otherwise all he’ll ever do is go straight.

  5. John from Kansas says:

    That’s a mean motor scooter.

  6. vorthos says:

    Thats is pretty amazing, those are almost entirely car parts. Including the tyres. Its too bad he doesn’t live in annother part of the world.. talent like that would easily make you rich.

    • soviet says:

      I don’t see ANY talent in that work, engineering wise, or craftmanship.

      • Stephen says:

        No talent? I take it you can create a fully customised motorcycle yourself, then? I can’t, but I’ve worked with people who have: it takes talent to do the job at all, let alone do the job well.

        Someone has made – to his own design – a compact low-rider motorcycle powered by a V8 car engine with his own design of ram-air induction and given the thing hub centre steering; assuming the geometry and suspension are worked out and set up correctly, it handles considerably better than any Harley. It’s a well-finished piece of work from the photographs at least – one-off custom bodywork, too. I think it’s safe to say that the constructor is someone with an awful lot of skill and talent.

        Car tyres on the back make a lot of sense if you’re going to use the bike for drag racing or for pulling a side car, so that choice of tyre is optimum for the apparent intended use of this vehicle. The torque characteristics of a V8 car engine are ideal for `hauling a chair’ or drag racing.

        I’ve seen many similar custom vehicles in the UK. We have a lot of similar nutcases. None of them are particularly sensible, but that’s never the point, is it?

        The only problem is that the ratio of power to cubic capacity and the ratio of power to weight is much worse with road going car engines than with bike engines. If the owner had wanted awesome power, he should have fitted a Hayabusa engine and maybe fitted a turbocharger or nitrous oxide injection.

  7. Andreas says:

    Must say I prefer the real Ghost rider, being a Swede and all…


  8. maxD says:

    Car tyres are common on bikes with a sidecar. It’s very demanding on the wheels [weight] and, a bike with a sidecar will handle almost like a car anyway.

  9. Mongol says:

    That’s cool i didn’t like the color but that’s a talent, engineering is a talent anyway.

  10. Pavel says:

    Is that a small block v-8 350 i see? It would be better with a bigblock olds 455 rocket or chevy 454. For the Europeans a 455 engine is 7500cm3 and a 350 is 5700cm3 about.

  11. Pauln says:

    A Chevy or Olds engine in Russia? I’ll bet that’s a V8 out of a ZIL or Chaika limo.

  12. NoName says:

    The engine comes from lorry GAZ-53. That`s it.

  13. John from Kansas says:

    …another v-8. The Moto-Guzzi 500cc Grand Prix racer from 1955.

  14. Nighthawke says:

    Heaven help the poor rider if a plug wire starts arcing tho. Look where the distributor cap is at!

  15. just bob says:

    It’s amazing to look at but I’m not sure I understand that steering mechanism. Wouldn’t that shock absorber have to expand and contract as the wheel turns from side to side?

  16. Bruno says:

    Looked better when it was all black.

  17. ansis says:

    Shame that there is no gearbox, apparently there just wasn’t enough place for it.. But still, majoure respect to builder!

  18. jayme says:

    dude i will c u in motor cycle heaven… that thing is a beast. i have a gsx 600. its my first bike. but i have a que. how high will that thing rev? 5-6 grand? it would red line around 7 or 8 and car engines arnt made to take that kind of abuse u put a motor cycle threw (high revs) so would ur top end speed be all that great or is it more of a fun torque bike. also does that weel turn in that arm. like does the arm turn as a unit like on a normal bike or does the weel turn on it. like on a car suspension? cause the latter would be quite ingenious i must say. i think it is the latter but it is hard to tell from the pics. but i absolutly love it the front end makes it look like a mean bike from hell. i would love to take this for a spin.

  19. Gurtek-singh says:

    wanna ride ………..

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  21. jason says:

    Well, nice buddy… Someone will love this article if I tell her about this. She’s really interested in this topic. Thanks again…

  22. mick says:

    I found your blog from google and read your posts. It’s fun and I just add your blog to my Google Reader. Keep up your good posts friend. I’m Looking forward to read more fun from this blog. Thanks…

  23. […] Russian V8 Sidecar Motorcycle looks amazing. There is no gas miser engine here, the big beefy V8 engine is sure to provide all […]

  24. […] Russian V8 Sidecar Motorcycle looks amazing. There is no gas miser engine here, the big beefy V8 engine is sure to provide all […]

  25. Steamer97 says:

    To me, the point isn’t “fastest” or “best engineered” or “most powerful”. It is art. How many show cars have been churned out by cusomizers like Ed Roth and George Barris that were not functional, they were art, thats all. Those fellows each put out one per year to make the circuit. And Yeah, if the this thing runs and works too, thats a plus. This fellow has an eye for assymetrical design, which is not appreciated by all who see it either, but fits in with his theme. If he were in our country with some specialized fabrication help to make things shiny and smoother, I would wager that he would be tops.

  26. PKN says:

    The first photos of the black bike are clearly styled after Clouds bike from Final Fantasy 7, its close to an exact match. and I dont mean the movie, but the game.

  27. 213 says:

    it calls “war 5000”
    modificated engine from soviet truck GAZ-53 (5L, 200+ hp), 1 gear, from 0 to 100 km\h about 2 sec
    owner – Desperados MC, Vladimir

  28. Rich Rauda says:

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  30. ravenousfoxx says:

    I love this thing and am just wondering what kind of transmission/gearbox is this guy using?

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