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28 Responses to “Submitted Photos from Russia”

  1. You'reNot says:

    I have noticed in recent pictures that there are lots of people drinking from brown bottles. Is this soda or beer?

  2. zafarad says:


  3. illlich says:

    “cats on vacation”?????

    should say “YA” (heart) toilet, instead of mix of russian/english like “spanglish” in america. . . “Russlish.”

  4. Pete says:

    I so want the drunk goth girl with the Beer!

  5. Anal supporting says:

    Hui for you

  6. crash says:

    Those are some FUNNY pics, so much drinkin

  7. CAT says:


  8. erin says:

    hah! very funny! made me laugh right out loud!

  9. Infidel753 says:

    “I love toilet”? I did not know that Larry Craig has recently visited Russia!

  10. rabornj says:

    LOL @ Infidel753

  11. webdesign says:

    .))))…lovely russian!

  12. Ukrainian says:

    Wtf. Chris Farley?

  13. Miguel Angel Aragón says:

    Hola soy un mexicano que aprecia mucho a Rusia

    Busco amigos, muchos amigos de RUSIA

    Si desean pueden escrbirme a mi mail


  14. Somebody dropped a link to your blog on Twitter and that is where I first found your blog. I actually fancy the stuff I have read on your blog and plan to keep reading when I get more time. Do you have a Twitter account?

  15. Austrian says:

    Tha head-pic is 100% Photoshop!

  16. Jaydon says:

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  17. Lucie Avis says:

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  18. I propose that the house next door to Sarah Palin occupied by author Joe McGinnis be torn down so we can re-locate the mosque to Wasilla. It can’t be any worse than the all male ex-convicts who lived there for 4 years and she never complained about that.

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