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wrecker falls under the load in Kiev 1

This wrecker wanted to pick up another wrongly parked car but it has came out that this Audi was too heavy for him so the wrecker itself felt over crashing the standing nearby cars…

wrecker falls under the load in Kiev 2

wrecker falls under the load in Kiev 3


16 Responses to “Overload”

  1. Anal supporting says:

    All what you can is suck my Hui

  2. L says:

    Crazy russians, can not use their brains

  3. Serge says:

    HaHa.. The A6 has diplomatic plates..

  4. Avengerrus says:

    This Audi have a red car numbers – it is diplomatical numbers. I`m think, that police will get a big problems!

    • andrevv says:

      There are not diplomatical numbers, there are ukrainian “temporary” numbers. E.g. you are going to sell your car. Well, you have to unregister the car in your local vehicle office, during this “unregistering process” you have to return WHITE numbers of the car (to clerk) and get RED aka “temporary” numbers. Your buyer will do it (vice versa of course)in his-own local vehicle office too… Imho, it’s just additional way to pump money from ukrainian people…

  5. Dungeonbrownies says:

    Haha, the claw vehicle reminds them of training they get in the arcades. =]

    But yea, i’ve noticed this doesnt make much sense and is pretty idioic way of doing things.

  6. padieg says:

    And I bet the Audi was armored, so it weighed at least twice as much as it came from the factory.

  7. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    The truck driver did not use consoles. Having no strong support, the truck had no chance to stay under load.

  8. Jim says:

    No, flatbed trucks would be impractical – they take a lot of room front and back, meaning you can’t pull out a lot of illegally parked cars. This isn’t the USA, with oodles of space. This tow truck has to cope with cramped conditions too.

    That said, the tow truck driver is still at fault – the first attempt at lifting should have told him the Audi was too heavy for him. I saw something like this once in Bucharest in 1996 – they were attempting to clear a street for a parade, and there was an illegally parked Rolls Royce (!). So, the wrecker driver called in a second wrecker, and the two of them, with their two cranes, hoisted the RR skywards and carried it off to a side street – quite a feat, and cool to watch!

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