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Nazi Lvov

Posted on September 4, 2007 by

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 1

These day Lvov (Lviv) city downtown looks like it was again oppressed by Nazi troops…

Flags on the buildings, soldiers in Nazi uniform, some aren’t shy when yell “Zieg Heil” Nazi greeting for the passers by.

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 2

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 3

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 4

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 5

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 6

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 7

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 8

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 9

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 10

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 11

Nazi Flags in Kharkov 12


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165 Responses to “Nazi Lvov”

  1. filippo says:

    why would they do something like that?
    show or something?

    • Texas1 says:

      I think this is Oktober Fest, Russian style.

      • Vasechka says:

        There are a lot of movies filmed and filming in Lvov. So this is deffenetly movie is being filmed. not fest or anything like that.

        • RudolphHess says:

          Hey baby, let’s get together and make little Nazis.

          • crash says:

            Why the hell would someone “RE-Live” that horrible part of history? With so many Jews in Russia I would think that this blasphemous act would NEVER happen? WTF Russia?

            • aleksey says:

              aha we have jew!

            • This is obviously a movie being made. That having been said…USSR, during WWII lost 9,000,000 (that’s nine million, folks) people. The country with the next highest casualty rate was the U.K., which lost 400,000.
              Russia gets to do whatever it wants with the Nazi stuff. Though the atrocities against the Jewish people were horrific, other things happened during that war too.

              • Orion says:

                Your statistics are WAAAAAAY off; Russia lost 23.6 million in WWII, almost 12 million civilian and 11 million military. The UK did lose about 450k, but they are 14th in wartime casualties; of note before them are China, Poland, Germany, France, and Italy.

                • Dmytro Kovalov says:

                  That’s NOT Russia, but Soviet Union. By now you should already have learnt, that there were other nations in USSR.

                  Of 20 millions lost in WWI by USSR, 10 millions were Ukrainians. Ukraine lost a way more civilians then any other nation, including Russia.

                  • Alex says:

                    Wow — the ignorance here is amazing. How many times have I seen the word “Russia” mentioned here?

                    Before the war, Lviv was part of Poland, and prior WWI part of Austria. But that should be obvious by the photos, no? Around the time of the war, Lviv’s population was split between Polish, Ukrainian, and Jewish, making it one of the most multi-cultural cities in Europe at the at time. The main languages at the time were Polish, Ukrainian, and German.

                    Skip forward a few decades and a few thousand pages of history which you’ve probably never heard of, and today it is considered the most Ukrainian city in the world.

            • K-lite says:

              Lvov is in Ukraine!

            • Phil says:

              Well, I don’t blame them, remember what Stalin made to the Ukrainians before ww2…

            • Rachel_Rachel says:

              Probably just a movie, or a documentary being made, what I think is ironic is to see russian neo nazies, I mean the guy just killed 20 million of yours, wanted to destroy your country and slave your people, and you praise him???? Humm just not the smartest thing to do

  2. AdolphPutin says:

    What is this? Any description? I think the resurgence of Nazism in Russia could be a good thing if it keeps the Muslim crowed under control. Hopefully, these Nazi’s will have enough power to get Russia involved in joining the US to conquer the middle east and wipe out the evil religion of Islam once and for all.

    • HeilPutin says:

      Make no mistake, it is the eleventh hour and we must act swiftly and with magnificent brute force. In the name of the heroes of the Reich like Rudolph Hess who was imprisoned by the evil communists. Death to Islam!!!!

      • Dungeonbrownies says:

        Death to Islam? thats crude. Alot of the middles east (not withstanding the extremism left from the Reagan era support of the former Shah of Iran [the reason for their grudege against the US to this day {that and supporting the unlawful occupancy by Arab hating war mongering land stealing Jews}]

        Besides, I always thought it was about getting the Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals.

        • RudolphHess says:

          This is so sad! The Russians have lost all memory of what it means to be a Nazi. It’s people like you that give us a bad name.

          • Dungeonbrownies says:

            They were never nazi. Nazi occupied but never Nazi. Alot of the nazis were simply misguided youth who went to far in following the crowd, but afterwards they became monsters. They look upon slavics as good for nothing but to screw then shoot at. To be forced to do heavy labor and serve. as inferior and animal like.

            To be a slavic nazi is to be a traitor to the legacy flowing through your very veins and is a slap in the face of all slavic peoples.

            Tsk tsk,
            of course, by now im pretty sure,
            youre just playing along to catalyze the board a bit?

            Haha, good play.
            But you have layed it on pretty thick
            and we have generally found you out.


      • Geoffrey says:

        The high ranking Nazi Rudolph Hesse was imprisoned by the UK government under the leadership of the famous anti-Commnist Conservative Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who’d made a name for himself in his youth as a brave soldier and successful writer.

        This is the same Winston Churchill who was in charge when the UK was the only nation left in the world fighting the Nazis: no help from the USA, nothing from the USSR (although the UK did have a lot of help from the Commonwealth and what was left of the empire).

        And he was in charge when the Nazis were finally beaten in 1945, with a good deal of help from the USSR and USA. Let us not forget that the USA wanted paying for a lot of the help it gave, and that debt has only recently been cleared.

      • Goebbels,the media master! ! ! says:

        No ,these are my guys.they are showing the true face of Russian Arian origin…..Heil Hitler.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Hi texas1. How is the weather in Dallas today?

  3. Texas1 says:

    This looks like a movie set.

  4. M0j0 says:

    Are you trying to be creative or inflamatory with the headline on this? Obviously it is a movie set…but the way the comment reads up top, it almost sounds like the poster believes this to be a real event.

    If creative…good try, but not quite. If inflamatory, you should be shot by the people in the pictures.

  5. RudolphHess says:

    Look at the beauty that Russia could have been.

    • Alex says:

      Ummm… this is western Ukraine.

      Pretty sure this is what the Russians were trying to suppress and conquer when they won World War II. Then they even rewrote history to try to pretend nothing good here ever existed. Just a couple years back, the Russians tried to kill the President of Ukraine, ever pick up a paper?

      Too bad the United States and other European countries still kiss up to Russia out of fear, just like they still do with Communist China.

  6. Texas1 says:

    Why do the SS soldiers all have dark hair and big noses? Whatever happened to blond hair and blue eyes? Are these SS soldiers jewish?

  7. Bullwinkle says:

    Such extremist views. My goodness!

  8. maxD says:

    The motorcycle with the sidecar needs new tyres. BTW, it looks like a DNJEPR not a BMW, which it’s supposed to be.

    • Chingau Wei says:

      “What I am curious about, though is: what BTR-152 and Jeep are doing there?”

      I was wondering that myself. Those vehicles have no relation to WWII Nazi vehicles.

    • John from Kansas says:

      BMW sold a design based on the R-71 to Russia.

      • John from Kansas says:

        This was one of the results of the Molotov/von Ribbentrop Pact. The contract was cut in 1940. BMW supplied engineering drawings and casting moulds. Production of the Russian M-72 began a year later. Not suprisingly, BMW was introducing a replacement for the R-71 anyway. The R-35 is a cool bike though.

  9. Mr.Hitler, Jr. says:

    Where is the Volkswagon Beetle that Adolph designed?

  10. Richard S. says:

    Don’t panic!! Looks like they are making a movie.Look at the people’s clothing, vintage cars, propaganda posters, ect. I would like to see this movie when it comes out. Some movies that I can think of that have been recently filmed in Russia are The Widowmaker K-19 starring Harrison Ford, The Castaway starring Tom Hanks, The Russian Specialist and a new movie starring Daniel Craig. What are some other movies that have been filmed in Russia?

  11. Texas1 says:

    Maybe they are just getting ready for Oktober Fest.

  12. Pyotr Velikii says:

    This is very obviously a movie set; a camera setup is visible in one of the shots as is a boom microphone in another. Fascinating photos, and considering that the Soviet Union lost 27 million of its citizens during WW2, 2/3 of them civilians, I’m surprised that any portion of the Former USSR permits any movie of this kind to be shot there. I wonder who the production company is, and what the movie is. Of course, money is desperately needed in the former USSR, so I suppose that anything could be done to earn foreign currency.

  13. Pyotr Velikii says:

    Peterm: Of course, I’m sorry, I forgot that there are many war movies shot all over the world. that does worry me a little. It seems that immediately prior to as conflagration of one kind or another, all the old war movies are dredged out and reshown, and new ones are made. It would appear to me that we’re going through such a cycle now. Worrisome!

  14. Dungeonbrownies says:

    I certainly hope tis is simply a recreation and/or a filming rather than a “what could have been” scene created by neonazis based in the Eastern Bloc. THe Red Army was atrocious, but the best theyve ever done was defeat the evil fascists.

    The Red heroes of the nation are probably spinning int heir graves about now…

    • Erwin Rommel says:

      I speet on you Red Heros!

      • Peterm says:

        Их подвиги будут жить вечно, их имена бессмертны!
        (Their heroical deeds will live eternaly, their names will be immortal!)

    • Peterm says:

      Retreats were punishable by sending the coward (or the intelligent) one to a penal batallion called “Shtrafbat”. In the shtrafbat they were shoot in case of retreat, that’s true, but that didn’t happen in the regular batallions.

  15. Jewish Prostitute Sarah Zaluppa says:

    Jews have to pray everyday on Russians, because they saved them (and me as a Jew personally).

  16. Johny B says:

    STOP TALKING AGAINST RUSSIA.. you dont know anything about it

  17. Ok, I could go off about the Nazi thing, but I think that people realize by this time that it’s a movie set.
    Secondly, this is NOT Kharkov, it’s the opera house in Lviv, in Western Ukraine. I was just there recently, so I know this to be true. You can even check against the official Lviv Opera web page.

  18. AdrianK says:

    That looks really neat.

  19. Vasechka says:

    Hey guys, this is not Harkov, it is LVOV! on first pictures it is Lvov’s opera theater.

  20. Junkie says:

    Nazis = the best dressed murderers

  21. seniorenehim says:

    Sieg Heil not Zieg Heil.

    greez from switzerland =)

  22. Max says:

    that was……… interesting

  23. Former JEW says:

    With fire pump…………

  24. SS,The scull collectors says:

    We rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  25. Baskunish says:

    bad recreation. nazis with a US Army jeep???

  26. illlich says:

    oh those Nazis and their tight, sexy uniforms, they can annex my Sudetenland anytime.

  27. EliseiZorine says:

    is Lvov in Russaia? Last time i was there it was in Poland;

  28. Nykoli says:

    HA! a nazi with a mobile… mint!

  29. Lwowski says:

    Lwow! Wracaj do swojej prawidlowej Ojczyzny!

    • Ukrainian says:

      Lwowski – Lwow! Wracaj do swojej prawidlowej Ojczyzny!


      • Lwow says:

        There’s nothing to laugh about. For the good of everyone and to prevent it’s destruction by ukrainian people, Lwów should return to Poland as quickly as possible.

  30. dajuvmordu says:

    German uniforms had style. Unlike russian uniforms.

  31. Fred Garvin says:

    What a filthy little den trolls this is.

  32. chaosgone says:

    It looks like a movie set to me. Seeing the old cars in the photos, they are probably filming a World War 2 movie.

  33. Balduri von Schirach says:

    Hitler looks terribly in these WWII wannabe movies.

    They still can’t find an handsome actor up to the challenge.

  34. Baldur von Schirach says:

    Name misspelled. Now corrected. Baldur

    Sorry bout that…

  35. NatanMT01 says:

    Izvenite polzhaluista. Ya amerikanetz, i ya ne govoru horosho, tolko chut’ chut’. Izvenite za moi plohoi russiky. Ya ne rad, potomu shto ya chital vse slova kotorii ludei pisal zdes’. Ya ne znau pochemu vot takaoi ochen’ plohoi slova. Eto ne horosho. Ya bil’ v Ukraine, Rumunie, Polshe, Chezke Respublica, Modovie, i Russie minogo raz, i mne ochen’ nravitsya vce mesti kotorii bil’ v CCCP. Tam bit’ ochen’ dobri i horoshi ludei. Zdes’ v amerike tozhe, no ya ne znau pochemu nikogda oni ne rad, i vsigda nepriyadno. Strashna. Nu, mne ochen’ nravitsya tvoi fotografi, i spasibo dlya oni. Tvoi internet site zdes’ ochen klassno, i mne ochen’ nravitsya. Opyat’, izvenite za moi plohoi russiki.

  36. Tryph says:

    Hello from France.
    I was there, it was early august and they were shooting a movie. That’s it.
    (Lvov is a great town, full of cool people, and we enjoyed ourselves very much there)

  37. P-Town says:

    I like the Nazi on the cell phone photo

  38. Eric Davidson says:

    “Hmmm. Perhaps skipping over the chapter
    on ‘attire’ was a bit hasty.”

  39. Vitpuma says:

    The jewz and the Rothschilds killed 60 million Christians in Russian territories, especially the Ukraine and Belarus. I don’t blame them for embracing the Swastika.

  40. WILSON ARYA says:

    me parace algo sesacional el mundo tiene que recordar que los nazis iban a cambiar el mundo e iva a ser la potencia mundial vivan los el regimen nacional socialista (nazi)

  41. Keijo says:

    Maybe decorating the house that way has something to do with this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hy_Nnld15go

  42. Ryder says:

    Where can I purchase that thing with the eagle on it? I have been searching.

  43. Ryder says:

    Where can I get that flag with the eagle?

  44. The Reichsadlerfahne can be bought from some militaria sites for quite a price. These are of course replicas, the real things will be hard to come by. Unfortunately I do not remember the site.

    @Geroy Sovetskogo Soyuza: There were four types of Reichsadler used by the NS. One was the more familiar spread-wings version: the one with the garlands is the official party symbol. Those used on the flags here are another version.

  45. Gurtek-singh says:

    i like Nazi’s as the pioneer………..

  46. YourSourcesAreDated says:

    Lvov is on Earth. Wake up.

  47. Boghdan says:

    Doesn’t the author of this post think that it would be much better to make a description behind the photos about what’s going on there. These are movie filming decorations. If i’m not mistaken, the movie is about one Greek-Catholic priest from Lvov (Andrey Sheptytsky), who saved many jews while hiding them behind the walls of monasteries and temples. While you do not put any normal description for this post it looks more like a provocation and claiming than an informative publication. Same was made by russians in one of their newspapers, where on the front page they posted one of these photos with nazi-style decorations and signed it with smth like this: “While they’re fighting for the governance in Kyiv, in Lvov the nazis came to power”. Actually in the same movie there is scene from the soviet occupation aswell where over the town-house and opera building are decorated with soviet simbolics and actors in the red army uniform are around..

  48. jesuschrist says:

    germany should have won war

    russian beasts!

  49. Rodriguez says:

    Neue ukrainian faschisten?
    Nice, very nice.

  50. blah says:

    western part, not eastern.



  51. Proftel says:

    Aqui do Brasil se me pareceu que era um encontro de nazistas, a tradução do Google não é lá essas coisas.

    Concordo que o autor deveria ter colocado informações detalhadas sobre as fotos, é um set de filmagem.


  52. Mike says:

    Ukraine is a modern fascist country, all world know it.

  53. Hello, recently found this blog but I have to say that it seems nice. I fully agree with you. Have a nice day, keep up the nice work and I’ll definitely keep checking your blog.I just got in to the BF BC2 PC

  54. marvin says:

    Yeah – thats how russian white trash behaves these days !
    These arseholes are more NAZI than todays people in germany !
    The should be sent to a specially for them reopened GULAG in VORKUTA !
    To never return !
    The whole russian soul is more alike to NAZI ideology than that of any western european – including the germans !
    THEY did not learn a thing out of WW II either !

  55. Fighter says:

    Also, ich kann kein englisch und Ahnung hab ich auch wenig aber soviel weis ich, das einzigste was hier stimmt sind die Hakenkreuze.

  56. TarnoPOL says:

    Lwów, my Polish Lvov, what these damn Banderystanians do with him!
    PS. Thanks Russians for proper name Lvov, not Lviv ;)!
    SS Galizien und OUN-UPA, always nationalsozialismus.
    Bohdan Staszynski our true hero.

  57. Polak says:

    Our beautiful Lwów. After the war, when new borders were setting, nothing would show that Lwów will be torn out of Poland. It was a backbone of polish culture, architecture, education, teaching and science. It was a supranational city, multicultural – a real rarity then. The population was about 60% of polish, next 40% was ukrainians and judes. (Of course nowadays the ukrainians want to prove it was absolutely opposite and I understand them).
    New borders were set up, and Lwów was in Poland. But when Stalin saw the border line – he said no. Nobody of the polish and british government could change his mind. No facts, like – most of ppl there were polish, that Lwów is polish for 600 years..
    So he gave Lwów to ukrainians.. all the people were thrown out, nearly all goods had to be left (everyone could take only small pack with personal stuff, (paintings from museums, equipment of galleries.. all of this is still there etc.). Russians put on their places all countrymen, ordinary ppl from coutrysides.. they didnt even know what tea cup was used for. And when we wanted UK to mediate, the main argument – 60% of polish ppl – was gone. All of these people were separated and spreaded all over current Poland – to prevent any possible opposition in the future…
    Ukrainians are very proud of Lwów – because it’s a Paris of the central Europe.
    Althrough it should be inside Poland (just disctring of Lwów was going to be annexed) it is there. The city is detoriated a lot, no investments, no plannings.. nothing changed since the end of the war. Lwów meant and mean for polish nation a lot, and we just say to unkrainians – DO NOT DESTROY LWÓW, DO NOT DESTROY POLISH MONUMENTS, CHURCHES, GRAVES, HISTORY. Oherwise Lwów will not be Lviv any more. Do not interfere to architecture, style… You just deceive yourself that Lwów was only ukrainian – it was a multi national city. Remember this.

  58. Andriy says:

    That was the movie, called “Hitler Kaput”, comedy, filmed by Russians.

  59. Lwow says:

    Lwów was, is and will be a Polish city! It will return to it’s Motherland sooner or later! Lwów should go back to Poland as soon as possible!

  60. Lwow says:

    You are spelling the name of the city wrong – it isn’t L’viv but it’s Lvov or Lwów. That’s because Lwów is a Polish city and it should return to Poland.

  61. kto-to says:

    hey germans, i think this post’s author did try to hurt you really.
    and you can do yours version of film about war.

  62. nick says:


  63. anpghost says:

    Imagine, it wasn’t that long ago the we Americans hated the Russians! It’s good to see that we were wrong. The Russians
    are actually on a better path than we are these days.

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