Russian girl on the street of Moscow 1

47 Street Dating

Street Dating

And after a visit to such a Barber's Shop many Moscow visitors start to think that getting a Russian wife is a piece of cake, really. Right after they step out the
hairdresser they find some lonely sitting Russian girl and start offering her his mobile phone. "Come with me! I will give you my MOBILE PHONE! Yes!"
golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 1

23 Golf Car on a Highway

Golf Car on a Highway

On this road, which encircles Moscow and has a 60 mph speed limit (meaning nobody goes slower than 60 mph) and is being used to access different parts of Moscow
fast, somebody has spotted a golf car which had to do 60 mph too or otherwise it would be smashed by the following cars. Let's take a closer look.
a nest made from nails 1

19 Nailed Eggs

Nailed Eggs

The author of these photos have spotted pigeons building something from the nails on his roof. So he
decided to keep an eye on it and made the whole photo-story. See also: Hood Nest Wired Eggs
tunnels under Moscow in HDR 1

34 Moscow Underground Tunnels (HDR)

Moscow Underground Tunnels (HDR)

Here are some new HDR processed pictures with some 3D graphics elements of the underground Moscow tunnels by the photographer Alex Klochkov. It is necessary to notice, that
these places are extremely dangerous, so don't even try to go there by yourself. And here are the old compilations: Moscow Sewerage Moscow Dungeons
an americanizer
66 “An Americanizer”

“An Americanizer”

These Russian guys want to patent their gadget which they demonstrate on this video. They call it "An Americanizer" because
according to their words "American people always smile - so using this gadget you can turn anyone into an American".
russian music
21 New Dance Moves for the Upcoming Weekend

New Dance Moves for the Upcoming Weekend

Today is Friday, some probably would go for some party. Before
they go they can learn some new dance moves from...
bread loaf with a cockroach trap inside 1

17 Cockroach Bread

Cockroach Bread

Some people say that cockroaches have disappeared from many houses lately, but it seems they
have not disappeared from this Russian bread bakery - workers use cockroach traps.
street fitness in Russia 1

32 Russian Street Fitness

Russian Street Fitness

One more reason to visit Russia is for example to see some Russian girl doing a
fitness right in the middle of a busy street. Though locals seem not to like this.
unknown off road vehicle 1

23 Another Russian Snowmobile

Another Russian Snowmobile

As u might understood snowmobiles have to be popular in distant Russian areas which are covered with snow 8 months a year. We've already told about one of them in our news. The snowmobile Sever-2 (North 2) was created from the legendary Soviet automobile Pobeda (Victory) in 1959. It was able to move on snow or
ice perfectly. This one, submitted by our reader Sergei, has the common features with Sever-2. Unfortunately we don't have any information about this vehicle. But it looks UAZ alike. And as it can be seen, it is able to move on the wheels or skis as well. One more picture below.
just more of russian roads detour 1

13 More Russian Roads

More Russian Roads

This sign, on the highway near Chelyabinsk city, reads "Detour", but there is no necessity in it. Looking on
the pictures below one can realize, that it's the case when the drivers don't have any other choice.

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