Photoshop Makeup 1

7 Photoshop Makeup

Photoshop Makeup

One Russian blogger, Rustam "Nerussky" Ilyasov thinks that the makeup with Adobe Photoshop icons would be very easy to use in real life for those women
who work with computers. Or for plastic surgeons - their scalpels can be also marked with thoroughly familiar Photoshop shortcuts.
kiev subway ads
17 Kiev Subway Ads

Kiev Subway Ads

A new way of advertising in Kiev subway: it's not a movie in the window - it's many single paintings written on the wall of the metro tunnel, so when the
train moves at a high speed the pictures change very fast and it seems that there is a movie showing out for the passengers. See video below:
a globe of Moscow 1

10 A Globe of Moscow

A Globe of Moscow

There was an old joke about Brezhnev and the globe of the USSR. Now there is
no Brezhnev and the URRS as well, but here is the globe of Moscow.
A computer headed human in St. Petersburg 1

6 In Search of a Plug

In Search of a Plug

A computer headed human was spotted in St.
Petersburg. Some more photos below.
Russian abanoned SAM site 3

64 Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site

Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site

After the Cold War was over many SAM sites became unnecessary and were left
abandoned by Russian army, like this one in Pechora region, deep inside woods.
lightnings in Moscow caught on camera 1

15 Photos of Lightnings by Alex Kuznetsov

Photos of Lightnings by Alex Kuznetsov

Those days there were a lot of storms in Moscow, as a result
some made photos of lightnings. More pictures below.
concrete mixer crashed into the bridge 1

14 Enormous Traffic Jam in Moscow

Enormous Traffic Jam in Moscow

Not so long time ago we've told about a golf car spotted on the highway which encircles Moscow. To realize, how it was dangerous to drive such a car on that road, see the photos below. Only
this week a concrete mixer has crashed into the bridge with communications above the highway; this caused a traffic jam for many hours and miles long in the both ways.
Russian UFO tank 1

34 Russian UFO Tank

Russian UFO Tank

Some say that after a Roswell crash US government has obtained some UFO technologies and concealed it. Seems there was another Roswell like crash in Russia and they obtained UFO parts
to but not concealed them but mounted on some tanks, like on this one called "Object 288" and it was produced only once exclusively, without going into series...
how to send an elephant by internet
14 How to Send an Elephant by Internet

How to Send an Elephant by Internet

This is an AD from Russian TV about for the Internet
provider: "How to send an Elephant via Internet"

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