Nu Pogodi! The Most Favorite Russian Cartoon Ever
32 Nu Pogodi! The Most Favorite Russian Cartoon Ever

Nu Pogodi! The Most Favorite Russian Cartoon Ever

Nu, pogodi! (You Just Wait!) is a series of Russian animated shorts directed by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow, between 1969 and 1986. The plot is similar to the world-famous cartoons, Tom & Jerry or The Road Runner: the Wolf (Volk), a hooligan and a smoker, tries to catch the Hare (Zayats), a very positive and kind hero, with the intention of eating him. Every episode
shows various aspects of life. For example, there are episodes in a museum, in a city, at the fairground at night, etc. As for music, only modern musical hits of that time were used. This series has become the favorite Soviet cartoon among several generations of Russians families even up until today. Any additional information can be found here, and the whole series is below.
vietnamese pigs in Russian zoo 1

9 Feel Free to Communicate with Pigs

Feel Free to Communicate with Pigs

This is the sign from one of the Russian zoos. It reads: "Feel free to enter inside and communicate with
piglets". But not everyone succeeds to exit after he enters says the author of those photos:
Paper car plates in Russia 1

11 Paper Plates

Paper Plates

Normal car plates in Russia are made of the paint coated steel - like in European countries. But it seems this guy has lost one of his plates and decided to make an alternative - just to print out a full size of his plates on the paper. Really why not, I've heard that in India they don't get plates from
the state at all, they just get alpha-numerical combination from the road inspection and produce the plates by themselves. The methods therefore vary greatly - some draw them right on the car, some on wooden plates etc etc. This guy can give a good example for Indian drivers..
horse cult in Russia 1

19 Transportation of a Wooden Horse

Transportation of a Wooden Horse

It's well known that one horse power is enough to transport a person or even a
bunch of people, but how much people it's needed to carry a horse?
self-made bike from water pipes 1

40 Plumber’s Bike

Plumber’s Bike

Did you know, that in Russia plumbers spend their spare time making such constructions? Of course this
vehicle can't drive, but it will wash you perfectly instead. See also: Russian Scooter-Limousine
USSR, Living in the Fifties 1

45 USSR. Living in the Fifties.

USSR. Living in the Fifties.

More pictures portraying life in the Soviet era, submitted by our visitor Firsak. We've already seen life in the USSR in the seventies and sixties and now
come the fifties. See also: USSR in the 70-s, part 1 USSR in the 70-s, part 2 USSR in the 70-s, part 3 USSR in the 60-s, part 1
more victims of russian roads 1

21 No Off-Road Please

No Off-Road Please

You go travel to Russia - you should know - no any move from the paved road or you can get stuck like
those municipals on the photos below or even like this powerful military missile prime mover.
Russian wooden church, stays abandoned 1

48 Russian Wooden Church, Abandoned Now

Russian Wooden Church, Abandoned Now

One of the example of cool wooden churches of Russian
Orthodox Christianity, but abandoned during Soviet era...
18 Soviet Funk by Muslim Magomaev

Soviet Funk by Muslim Magomaev

Muslim Magomaev (Azerbaijani by origin) is one of the best and well-known Soviet singers. Unfortunately, the big part of his songs was forbidden by the State censorship as inappropriate for the Soviet ideology, but of course there were some exceptions, like this one. The song about Baku, the capital of the former Soviet republic Azerbaijan, called "Baku, my city", is considered as one of the most
non-typical Soviet musical hits. It was written in the funk style, what was unusual for the USSR era by itself. And Muslim Magomaev in this video clip looks like Sean Connery in the movie about James Bond. But the clip has passed the censorship, because of the positive impression about Baku and the USSR it created. Also in this clip one can see Baku of the Soviet times.
weird soviet stamping
17 Military Soviet Stamping

Military Soviet Stamping

We've already told about the strange Soviet stamp issued for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army at 1968. And this is the stamping of approximately the the Civil War
time. Looking on it, it is also hard to say, what the authors tried to tell common people about the Soviet army and the Revolution. submitted by Zealot

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