more information about soviet turbo jet train 1

51 Soviet Jet Train. Some More History.

Soviet Jet Train. Some More History.

In our recent publications we've told once about the strange Soviet projects of terrestrial and water vehicles (a train
and a ship) with jet engines. If you are looking for more, here are some additional facts about the train.
Russian hackers switch of billboard
12 Blue Screen of Billboard

Blue Screen of Billboard

Russian hackers show how, as they claim, "hacked the big video billboard using Wi-Fi", causing
it to switch to the Windows "Blue Screen of Death". update: now video plays ok
car crashes an anchor in Russia 1

27 An Anchor Crash

An Anchor Crash

Probably it's the first time when the car hits the big sea
anchor on the regular road in a big city, St. Petersburg.
russian wooden phone 1

44 Russian Wooden Phone

Russian Wooden Phone

One Russian man builds new cases for mobile phones from apple tree wood. He fully disassembles the new devices and carve a
piece-of-art wooden cases for them, each small part gets its own wooden case - the antenna, the sim-card, the battery.
ukrainian president fights fire 7

37 Ukrainian President Fights Fire

Ukrainian President Fights Fire

Look at Ukrainian president on these photos, he fights fire with firemen squad and then helps them to push out the stuck
firemen car... It seems it's not so easy to be a president in Ukraine.... Or the new elections are coming soon?
Lenin monument in Russian in Scream movie mask 1

41 Lenin Screams

Lenin Screams

Somebody has put a "Scream" mask on Lenin's monument in Krasnodar city.
This attracted a lot of viewers until it wasn't removed.
Chernobil photos 1

119 More Chernobil

More Chernobil

More photos of Chernobil, now by Valkorn.
He says it was really scary there..
cool russian bench
9 A New Bench

A New Bench

People report that in Kazan there appeared new benches in public
places. They look like the one on the photo above. via agp
Russian Weddings and Russian brides 1

42 Random Photos from Russian Weddings

Random Photos from Russian Weddings

Today some photos from
Russian weddings..
Igarka Salehard abandoned railway in Russia 1

60 Stalin’s Lost Railway

Stalin’s Lost Railway

We've had recently an abandoned railway in Abkhazia, abandoned as a result of USSR collapse when new "independent" republics couldn't maintain the complicated and high-cost USSR legacy objects. But this one was abandoned long before the USSR collapse, it was doomed to be abandoned from the beginning. It was built by a personal Stalin's order
in the middle of nowhere - deep inside Northern Siberia between Salekhard city and Igarka town. It was not connected with any other Russian Federal Railway System and the purpose of it still is not very clear, so as a senseless toy it way abandoned pretty soon and now rusts accessible only with a helicopter.

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