minus fifty in Russia 1

26 Minus Sixty Seven

Minus Sixty Seven

These days when it's +90 F outside people in Russia, it's hard to
believe that sometimes it's -67 F (-55 C is roughly -67 F)....
17 The Translator

The Translator

Sometimes Russian TV uses also stereotypes of Americans in their comedy shows. This is an extract from popular these day Russian TV show "Comedy Club" about an American who is lost in translation while trying to
establish a business in Russia. The interpreter is represented like such a VIP. The Russian guy talks about a new mutual business for earning millions and listen how the interpreter translates..
some more Russian sceneries 1

23 Some Sceneries of Yamal

Some Sceneries of Yamal

We continue to introduce more landscapes of the Russian Federation. This time one can see some sceneries of Yamal - a peninsula in the West of
Siberia and the land where all the gas come from. See also: Russian Sceneries by Denis Burdin Russian Sceneries by Dmitry Poliakov
tree falls on a car in Petrozavodsk, Russia 1
9 Sometimes They Fall Down

Sometimes They Fall Down

  In some Russian smaller cities there is a problem of old trees that sometimes fall down on cars or people just because they are old already, the inner part is soft and any of them can fall down any time. There is a solution to cut them down but it would turn the cities into a scary landscape without
greens - there is no enough ready plants to replace the cut ones. So from time to time in the news it can be heard that here or there tree falls on a car or a human, without wind or other external forces causing it to fall. Like on this pics for example in Petrozavodsk, Russia.
weird Feng Shui commercial 1

35 Who Wants Some Feng Shui?

Who Wants Some Feng Shui?

Such an ad in form of a pale plastic lady rolled up into a blanket-like robe and something else on her head stands for
Feng Shui services somewhere in Ukraine. Does it really urges an appeal for some Feng Shui amongst passers by?
Soviet Uniform Caps Collection
23 Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

As we've already told, the USSR was a military state. So not even militants, but workers of the various civil departments, like taxi drivers or wood cutters, should wear military alike uniform in a case of sudden war with
the enemies of socialism. Even workers of sobering-up stations (special places where drunk people of Russia picked up from the streets were delivered for compulsory medical treatment) had their own uniform.
Library in Minsk 1

112 Death Star of Minsk

Death Star of Minsk

This building was not so long ago erected in Minsk by a personal order of Belarus president Mr. Lukashenko. Locals joke: "Lukashenko had just learned to read and decided to build a library dedicated to this new ability he acquired." He wanted to build an impressive building and therefore made everyone in the country pay for it. Students had to bring money to school for several months. Teachers are still having a part of their salary taken out to pay for this building. Well at least that locals say. Foreign printed guide books also sometimes are not so serious about this structure: "Some say it looks like a diamond. We say it looks like the Death Star. In either case there's no denying that the collosal, new home for the National Library now being constructed on the city outskirts is an example of the
Soviet 'bigger-is-better' school of architecture. Worse yet, this pet project of Lukashenko's is partly paid for by money donated 'voluntarily' (meaning not voluntarily) by students and school children. When completed, it'll be big enough to house a whopping 15 million books. The National Library only has 8 million in its collection, so there should be plenty of space leftover for restaurants, gyms, and for the president to roam the hallways in a black cloak, breathing Vader-like while dramatic music plays in the background." Of course, the most nice view of it is at night when its lightning is on. It allows to show animated scenes on its uncommon not flat but polyhedron many-sided polyhedral surface. We have a video down this page too.
home-made boat 1

52 A Home-Made Boat

A Home-Made Boat

One man creates boats by his own hands. He makes them straight in his flat on the fifth floor, and then likes to go for a row upon the Dnepr river with his family. The creation
of one boat takes about one month but the most difficult aspect is to get if carefully down on the ground from the roof (the boat if too big for the staircase).
Russian bikers 1

29 Crowd Biking

Crowd Biking

Sometimes probably
crowd-biking needs some more

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