some medieval russian battle 1

21 Cartoon or Not Cartoon?

Cartoon or Not Cartoon?

Sometimes after watching cartoons about medieval Russia people go and make
alike accessories and invade some local parks playing old cartoons.
burning down pcs in Russia 1

37 Burn PC, Burn!

Burn PC, Burn!

What do they do with old PCs in
Russia? They burn it!
soccer nazis in Russia 1

41 Soccer Nazis

Soccer Nazis

Recently on some Russian and Ukrainian stadiums new type of soccer (football as they call soccer in Europe) fans appeared. They call themselves "Soccer Nazis", they wear Ku Klux Klan type robes and hats and come to games with Nazi flags depicting crosses or even with full size human dolls made of dark
material. They yell motos like "Monkeys go home", meaning that they are against the new players in Russian and Ukrainian teams which come by contracts from African countries. Most people look at them like at a live circus visiting football games but to what it may overgrow nobody knows no.
 a 30ft tall figure somwhere in Moscow 1

8 Welcome to Moscow

Welcome to Moscow

In Moscow there is a "Square of Three Railway Stations", the place where the railroads from tens of destinations meet in one point. Many people come each day to Moscow and sometimes they are met with
such a 30ft tall figure wandering around between the cars. To give a loaf of bread with salt for guests is an ancient Russian custom that symbolizes hospitality. So welcome to Moscow!
old car tows new car in Russia 1

25 Old New Car

Old New Car

Probably this shots can be used as an ad for VOLGA car make... Like an old
good black Volga car tows some piece of modern day thin-metal car...
bank collector car crashed in Russia 0

7 Bank Collector’s Crash

Bank Collector’s Crash

It happens not only in movies, when criminals crash the bank money collector car with their car, force the guards to leave the car, rob the
collectors and run away. Sometimes this happens in real life too, like with this UAZ money collector's car from one of Russian banks.
frog can fly in Russia 1

51 Frog Can Fly

Frog Can Fly

Two artists from Moscow are obsessed with an idea that a frog should fly too, so they make different photos of the frog in a "flight", giving a name for each of them. They think that "The jump of frog symbolizes thirst of flying. As
genetic magic dream, about that far time, when frogs were the ANGELS". Frankly this is the first time I hear about the link between frogs and angels... The one above was called "“K’ung-fu-tzu” (Confucius)"
a one day of a bench in Moscow park 1

37 A Story of One Bench

A Story of One Bench

This is a one day of a random bench in Moscow park. People come and
go and bench hosts them all... See also: Street Dating
The Biggest Bubble Bath
12 The Biggest Bubble Bath

The Biggest Bubble Bath

Some unknown people of Samara have made the biggest bubble bath in the city and probably one of the largest in the whole
Russia simply putting some shampoo into a fountain. Two more pictures below. See also: Kazan Cathedral in Foam
An ice palace in St. Petersburg 1

28 An Ice Palace in St. Petersburg

An Ice Palace in St. Petersburg

So when it's minus sixty seven - what do people do? Oh they have some fun, for sure. For example how about building a
big ice palace on the city square putting outside real bowls with plants and inside cakes made of snow...

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