house collapsed in Azerbajan 1

17 House Collapsed in Baku

House Collapsed in Baku

A house has collapsed in Baku, the capital
of Azerbaijan, former USSR part...
moscow taxi
11 Moscow Taxi

Moscow Taxi

When you travel to Russia, choose your taxi carefully! Or you
might get a ride with anybody like this Moscow taxi cab...
a charity act The Lion Parade 1

23 Lions of St. Petersburg

Lions of St. Petersburg

It is true, that lions is the symbol of the St. Petersburg. Walking in the city you can meet the images of lions almost everywhere: on the bridges, in facades of the houses and in the most of historical places. So it
is nothing surprising that the charity act, that took place in the city this summer, was called "The Lion Parade". See the exclusive footage of the Lion Parade from our special photographer.
an ecocatastrophe in Ural area 1

28 Easy to Ruin, Hard to Restore

Easy to Ruin, Hard to Restore

This is a typical Ural landscape. Looking at this picture it is hard to imagine, how this beautiful nature can be changed by the human activity. But such is the
reality... The industrial city Karabash has been founded in 1822. It took only about 170 years to make a local ecocatastrophe in this place.
wooden ufo and other wooden things from Russia 1

12 Wooden Galaxy

Wooden Galaxy

Some people argue about the origin of the crop circles. Some say they are done by UFOs. This one above could be done
with the wooden UFO like this one: It could have come through the Wooden Hyperspace, like this one:
Porsche with painted wheels in Russia 1

14 Painted Wheels

Painted Wheels

Lately owners of luxury cars in Moscow prefer not to airbrush the whole car as it's considered as an outdated
fashion. The new trend now is to paint wheels only and leave the car untouched. Like this one.
Earrings made of electric bulbs 1

25 Bulb Earrings

Bulb Earrings

This Russian lady has started a production of earrings made of... electric bulbs. Orders have already started to come, well at
least it's something different from the regular gold/silver jewelery which was so popular during long Soviet era.
MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 1

28 MAKS 2007 International Air Show

MAKS 2007 International Air Show

Last week the International Air Show "MAKS 2007" took place near Moscow, during it the visitors were able to see the most various aircraft models of the different
countries, piloting by the best world-famous pilots. Some photos of this event below. See also: Military Aircraft Show in Monino. Moscow
disco in a Russian province 1

37 Russian Disco

Russian Disco

One our friend was in a Russian province and visited some disco parties there. He
has sent us these photos which we decided to leave without any comments.
Russian Pillow Book 1

12 Pillow Book

Pillow Book

Some Russian designers have started a production of a Pillow Book, it's soft
enough and can be used to store a book inside and read it from time to time...

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