abandoned azlk automobile factory 1

41 Abandoned AZLK Car Factory

Abandoned AZLK Car Factory

AZLK is a Soviet automobile factory situated in the South-East of Moscow, which was famous by producing various models of passenger car called Moskvich. In the first decade of the new
century the factory was closed. Now one can see how this place looks nowadays. For the almost seven years it turned into ruins that remind the lost city of Chernobyl.
21 More Belarus Police

More Belarus Police

  After publishing the news about tractors used in Belarus police department, we started to receive a lot of messages from our indignant
Belarussian visitors. The point is that tracktors are not the only Belarussian police vehicles, as you can see on the next submitted photos.
buran, the only one soviet space shuttle 1

36 Buran. The Soviet Space Shuttle

Buran. The Soviet Space Shuttle

In our recent publications we've told about the world’s heaviest and largest jet Antonov or AN-225 that was designed for the Soviet space program in 1988 and able to airlift the Energia rocket’s boosters and Buran about
which we've told as well. On the next photos one can see the complete process of launching Buran into the space orbit. And here you can find a photo session from Ukrainian site about what is now with Buran.
cemetery in Moscow recycles 1

17 Cemetery Recycles

Cemetery Recycles

This is a territory of Moscow cemetery, you even can see a tomb cross in the left corner of the photo and on the distant side of it there is one
more business: the recycling point, so cemetery carries recycling sings on one of its buildings. Can this be called a disrespect?
new submitted photos about Russia 1

18 Submitted Photos, Part 10

Submitted Photos, Part 10

The tenth part of photos about living in Russia and the countries of the ex USSR, submitted by our visitor. Don't forget, that if you live in Russia you can submit too via our forum or feedback form. We express our thanks to MaxD, Elena, X-boy, KKJ, Prokazik and Trash for sending us the most interesting
pictures. And here are the previous nine parts: Submitted photos, part 9 Submitted photos, part 8 Submitted photos, part 7 Submitted photos, part 6 Submitted photos, part 5 Submitted photos, part 4 Submitted photos, part 3 Submitted photos, part 2 Submitted photos, part 1
red carpet in the airport 1

11 Red Carpet

Red Carpet

Lately these days Google updated its database with more high-res sat photos of Moscow region and Russian bloggers found a governmental part of airport
near Moscow. The funny thing about it the red carpet way from the plane to the airports terminal. A special place for some special guests...
new volga gaz car 1

125 New GAZ “Volga”

New GAZ “Volga”

This is Chrysler Sebring, an American car from late 90s. And on the pictures below the new
Russian GAZ "Volga" car which is going to be on Russian market from the next year:
Bar made of old boat and painted as a shark 1

28 Shark Bar

Shark Bar

This Shark Bar can be found near the river bank in Perm city, Russia. If it
was somewhere deep in desert it could be cool for some bikers...
party in the metro train 1

21 Party in a Metro Train

Party in a Metro Train

Where do they carry this plastic tables? Can you guess? They going to have a party to commemorate a memory of one Russian poet
Prigov which passed away not long ago, and they want to do it in a really extraordinary way - in the subway train. See more:
giant snake in Kazakhstan  1

40 Giant Snake of Kazakhstan

Giant Snake of Kazakhstan

Everyone knows thanks to Cold War propaganda that Soviet Union was the land of bears, if not polar bears then just regular brown bears and if not bears then some more
forest animals but for sure it was not land of giant snakes, but it seems that times are changing, now giant snakes can be met in Kazakhstan like this one...

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