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48 Ghost Rider Lada Tuning

Ghost Rider Lada Tuning

This is the one of the most widely distributed models of Lada (Vaz-2105), produced in the Soviet Union and during the early years of post-soviet Russia (1980-1992). It still can be found on Russian roads, and some of them are good enough to
be tuned. For example this one, on the pictures below, resembles in some way the vehicle from the "Ghost Rider" movie. See also: Some Russian tuning. ZAZ Invalidka SZD. Some history and tuning Snow Tuning
More pictures of USSR in 70s 2
60 More pictures of USSR. Part 2

More pictures of USSR. Part 2

  The next part of historical pictures of USSR in the 70-s, submitted by our visitor Firsak. If you live
in Russia you can submit too via our forum or feedback form. See also: USSR in the 70-s, part 1
heavy fire took place in Vladivostok 1

16 Heavy Fire in Vladivostok

Heavy Fire in Vladivostok

This incident took place in Vladivostok at 21st of July. The most interesting in this story is that the covering of this building, called Atlantis, was made from the usual foam
plastic. Fortunately, the building has not been inhabited yet so there are no victims. See also: Traffic Jam In Vladivostok Snowy Vladivostok A Story of One Fire
strange sky circles were spotted in Murmansk city 1
17 Strange Circles on Murmansk Skies

Strange Circles on Murmansk Skies

  These strange sky circles of unknown origin were spotted on 28th of July in Murmansk city. The author of the shots says that they appeared suddenly,
without any sound of flying jet and there are even no any air bases in this area. See also Red Dots on Moscow Skies And more photos below.

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