Photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia 1

9 Russian TV News in Photoshop

Russian TV News in Photoshop

In our recent publications we already told, that russians like to make internet stars from amusing or extraordinary people seen in mass communication media. In such a way appeared Chumazik, a drunken factory worker, and his
brother Glazastik or a Big-Eyed Guy. Now Russian Internet users made photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia (Time), which is very popular in Russia and have been in TV broadcast for many years.
deathmasks of the famous soviet figures 1

25 Deathmasks of the Famous Soviet People

Deathmasks of the Famous Soviet People

Some deathmasks of the famous Soviet
people by the sculptor Sergei Merkulov.
hats of russian people 1

17 Russian Hats

Russian Hats

A nice collection of hats of different Russian nationalities was submitted
by Bustty. The one above is a childish hat of Turkmen people.
estonian man
34 Don’t Drink and Drive?

Don’t Drink and Drive?

They don't drink and drive in
Estonia, they do something else:
personal moon light 1

49 Your Personal Moon

Your Personal Moon

Some Russian designers have started a production of a big, moon-shaped light-box calling this project a
"Your Personal Moon". Now anyone can get his own moon right in his apartment or his backyard.
the tree has fallen down on your car 1

12 Beware the Falling Trees

Beware the Falling Trees

It is strange when the pole falls down on the street without any visible reason (as in Karaganda), and
it's very pity when the tree falls down on your car straight on the parking place, as in Odessa.
The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 1

56 VDV Day. The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops

VDV Day. The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops

On the 2nd of August Russia celebrates the day of Russian airborne troops. It's called "VDV day". VDV is abbreviation of vozdushno-desantnie voiska (airborne troops in Russian). During that celebration all paratroopers put on their uniform or striped vests, gather in public places (In Moscow, for example, in Gorky park), drink much alcohol and traditionally swim in the fountains (where
swimming is traditionally forbidden) and shout "for VDV!!!". Sometimes drunk troopers can get into confrontation with militia or security guards and also beat people from the south countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States or just those people who haven't served in the army. On the pictures below one can see the VDV celebration nowadays.
full trollies of frozen chicken  1

25 Ukrainian Chicken Shopping

Ukrainian Chicken Shopping

It seems that some people in this Ukrainian city love to each
some chicken. And if they buy chicken they buy it gross.
beautiful landscapes of the Russian Federation 1

26 New Russian Sceneries

New Russian Sceneries

Englishrussia continues to introduce some more landscapes of the Russian Federation. This series is
made by the photographer Dmitry Poliakov. See also: Russian Sceneries by Denis Burdin

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