car parking in Russia 1

36 Some Russian Car Parking

Some Russian Car Parking

Some guys in Russia hunt for the wrongly parked cars and put a yellow sticker on that cars with something
like "I Park Like an Idiot" then make photos of them. Here are some photos they managed to make.
worlds tallest man from Ukraine 1

32 World’s Tallest Man: Now from Ukraine

World’s Tallest Man: Now from Ukraine

According to the latest Guinness Record Book information the world's tallest man was found in Ukraine. He is
8.4 (2.56 m) feet tall. They have visited him and would update the next book issue with his name.
flood has occured in Moscow this Tuesday 1

7 Yet another flood in Russia, Moscow

Yet another flood in Russia, Moscow

Yet another flood has occurred in Russia this Tuesday. This time in some districts of its capital - Moscow. As you can see on the
picture above, some Moscow people met this incident with due enthusiasm. Some videos and pictures after the jump.
person stands on the high floor right on the window 1

38 Don’t Jump!

Don’t Jump!

"No! Please don't jump!", could some tourist yell seeing the guy in Moscow house standing right on the high floor only half feet on the floor. But he doesn't going to jump. It's just a common Moscow builder, poor guy that came from some distant Tajikistan to earn a few bucks to support his family. They say in Southern countries like Tajikistan or Turkmenistan, ex-USSR republics,
90% of men are absent in villages - villages do look like some deadly war occurred recently, all men are in Russia work hard but treated like a low life dirty slaves - live right on the construction sites, often being cheated with payments, no security means even for those who work high above the ground - as you can see on the photo. It's capitalism.
The private house of the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan 1

42 The Palace in Azerbaijan

The Palace in Azerbaijan

This is nothing but the private house of the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan (the former USSR republic). Two years ago he was sentenced to the five years of imprisonment with the confiscation of property.
The reason was corruption. Together with the imprisonment he had to pay a compensation of $17 million which seemed not to be a big trouble for him. Some pictures of the property after the jump.
Lamborghini alike car from the cheap Lada 1

8 Lada Diablo

Lada Diablo

Russia is the country of budget tuning professionals with no doubts. We've showed once how they made luxurious Mercedes G-class from a cheap
Suzuki or the "Ghost Rider" car from the old Soviet automobile. Now they've made Lamborghini alike car from the cheap Lada 2108.
huge military radiostation in Belorussia 1
22 Above Woods of Belarus

Above Woods of Belarus

  Deep inside the woods of Belarus (Belorussia) right in the middle of nowhere, among swamps and valleys there is a military base. Eighteen tall poles pump out of the ground, visible from many miles away from the site. To
climb up one should overpass about 1000 ft. But the author of the pictures below not only wasnt frightened of such height but got through the dense forest, leaving behind swamps, and made breath-taking footage.
ancient Russian fortress on the island 1
95 An Ancient Fortress on the Island

An Ancient Fortress on the Island

  Deep inside Siberia there is a lake, one of thousands others. And in the middle of this lake there is a small island. And on this island people have found an ancient fortress, which is dated more than 1500 years old.
Excavations are needed in order to reveal all its view for visitors, but even now from the air its a nice site in different times of the year. First part of photos were made during short Siberian summer:
dirigible used in metro construction 1

16 Subway Made of Dirigible

Subway Made of Dirigible

This man on the pic above was the Russian scientist Tsiolkovsky. Some people in Russia call him the "father" of Russian space program. He also invented the hard-bodied dirigibles and published his works about such models right before foreign scientist Zeppelin, though the name of the later is more associated with dirigibles. But what's interesting is that some times later after the construction of those hard bodied aircrafts started, the Soviet state cut the financing and some of them
were left unfinished. So Russian people have found another use for large steel "skeleton" frames of the dirigibles - they used them in the subway construction. For example these photos below are shots from one of the subway stations in Moscow. One can clearly see the remains of dirigible implanted in the metro station. If to use some imagination you can find yourself not deeply underground but high in skies, while waiting for the next train.
old russian bigfoot stays abandoned in st. petersburg 1

17 Where Do Bigfoots Go

Where Do Bigfoots Go

If you wondered where do big-foots go after their time ends - then here is the answer. In Russia they can be simply
left abandoned on the streets. Like this one in the downtown of St. Petersburg, right near subway station...

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