abandoned soivet trains in Sukhumi 1

60 Abandoned Trains of the Soviet Era

Abandoned Trains of the Soviet Era

Below one can find the pictures of the locomotive depot in Sukhumi, Abkhazia (the former USSR republic). It seems that time has stopped there since the USSR
collapse. Though the depot still functions most of the technics stand abandoned. Aee also: Weird Train Russian Train With Wheels Self-made Train
another flood in Moscow 1

18 A New Lake in Moscow?

A New Lake in Moscow?

Yet another flood occurred in the Russian capital near Dmitrovskoe highway. This time the reason was a hole in the effluent disposal line. As a consequence, the roads have turned to the rivers and the big lake have been formed down the street for a while. See also: Yet another flood in
Russia, Moscow Street Surfing Yet Another Flood in Russia Yet Another Flood in the Ukraine Kiev Flooded Flooded Bridge Slightly Flooded Kiev Subway Moscow Flood at 1908 302-nd Flood in St. Petersburg More Road Fountains A New Fountain in St. Petersburg?
some historical photos of the soviet worker women 1

32 Soviet Worker Women

Soviet Worker Women

In the USSR there existed equality of rights between men and women to the extent that it was not surprising too see women making some
hard male work on the construction sites and various factories. And they looked like this... Some historical photos below.
Russian Military Aircraft Show in Monino 44

47 Military Aircraft Show in Monino. Moscow

Military Aircraft Show in Monino. Moscow

On the 11th of August the military aircraft show devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Russian Miltary Air Forces took place at the Monino airport, situated near Moscow. During that performance
one could see the legendary Russian aircraft models, on the ground and of course in action, such as SU-27, KA-50 Black Shark and many, many others. Watch the footage below.
soviet lost logo 1

28 Soviet Lost

Soviet Lost

Many people know the popular series "LOST" from the ABC channel. There is a DHARMA logo that goes through all the film, like on the
picture above. But now Russian bloggers say that the origins of this logo come from the Soviet book. Like on the picture below:
twins wedding ceremony in the Ukraine 3

30 Twins Wedding

Twins Wedding

Another uncommon wedding took place in the territory of the Soviet Russia, this time in the Ukraine. Below one can find the pictures of the twins wedding ceremony. See also: The Wedding Fight Wedding
on Bicycles Wedding Hummer Longest Wedding Procession of the Same Car Make What a Strange Wedding Dress Another Russian Wedding Russian Wedding. Hardcored. Bribe a Bride
Russian playground for kids made in Gothic style 1

26 Gothic Style Playground

Gothic Style Playground

We continue to receive photos of the various kids playgrounds in Russia. For example, this Moscow
playground is made in Gothic style. See also: Russian Kids Playgrounds Steel Playground
the secret underground shelter for Stalin 1

54 The Bunker for Stalin

The Bunker for Stalin

This underground shelter was created in Moscow in the 30s years of the XX century especially for the former and the most well-known head of the USSR - Joseph Stalin. It was planned to build a huge sports complex with a stadium on the surface, used as masking, but its construction stopped in the 1939 after the bunker had been finished. The bunker is connected with
the Kremlin by the tunnel ten miles long. Nevertheless Stalin preferred to work in the Kremlin and used the shelter only once, in December of 1941, during World War 2, deciding, whether Russians should leave Moscow or stay and defend it. Now this place is open for visitors and the interiors look exact like during the Stalin reign.
too wild russian food 1

39 Beer Snacks Go Angry

Beer Snacks Go Angry

Looking at this snack someone can say: "In Soviet Russia beer
snack eats you!" And he might be right to some degree.
self-fabricated scooter-limousine 1

7 Russian Scooter-Limousine

Russian Scooter-Limousine

Below one can find the pictures of self-fabricated scooter-limousine. Looks
very impressive, but it's interesting, how this guy is going to use it?

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