barrel on the wheels 1

23 A Wheel Barrel

A Wheel Barrel

What is a Wheel Barrel? Here it is made of old Russian car and
being used as a moving ad for some local Moscow restaurant.
the driest inhabited place in Russian Federation 1

25 Kosh-Agach. The Driest Russian Town

Kosh-Agach. The Driest Russian Town

The town Kosh-Agach, situated in Altai republic, was founded by Russian merchants in the far 1820 for trading with the Asian countries. It was the last Russian trade putlet on the path to Mongolia and China, and in the 1880s it even became the Part of China for some time. Now it is the biggest settlement of Altai and the driest
inhabited place in Russian Federation. Also it is one of a few places in Russia where people breed camels. Buy the way, most of the population of the town are Kazakhs, so it's not a secret that Russia is a multicultural state. On some pictures you can see the rain - very rare phenomenon for this place.
the most weird russian playgrounds for kids 1

31 The Most Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds

The Most Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds

We've also told about weird Russian playgrounds. For example, the steel style children playground or this one with fearful
monsters. But here are some more shots. This one, in Donetsk, is somehow related with Sigmund Freud.
life in the 60s years in the USSR 1

115 USSR. Life in the Sixties

USSR. Life in the Sixties

So one more time back in the USSR. See also: USSR in the 70-s,
part 1 USSR in the 70-s, part 2 USSR in the 70-s, part 3
Military drop of kamaz truck 1

19 The Flying KAMAZ

The Flying KAMAZ

In our recent publications we've already told, that the first KAMAZ model (Kamsky car factory) was developed by ZIL car factory in the late 70s. Since then KAMAZ trucks have become widely used in the most different fields. For example, it is the most popular truck among common Russian
truckers who deliver loads everyday, and it is not surprising, because KAMAZ is the regular winner of Paris - Dakar European race. Just see it in action. But what's about Russian militaries? They went even further and made KAMAZ fly. See the footage below.
atypical moscow court yard 1

53 Dark Side of Moscow

Dark Side of Moscow

At present we got used to think of Moscow as about clean and bright
city. But what one will see below is the rather uncommon contrary.
the unique sports car Lada RACER 1

23 Lada Racer. A Self-Made Sportster

Lada Racer. A Self-Made Sportster

The designer of this unique vehicle, called "Lada RACER", says that its creation was based only on the details of VAZ-2106 and VAZ-21081. But, as you can see, it looks very different and according its creator it can drive really fast even with the
original engine. And the most interesting thing is that you can simply buy it for about $26 000. See also: Lada Diablo Ghost Rider Lada Tuning Some Russian tuning. ZAZ Invalidka SZD. Some history and tuning. Snow Tuning
World War 2 Photos by Dmitri Baltermants 1

64 World War 2 Photos by Dmitri Bal’termants

World War 2 Photos by Dmitri Bal’termants

Dmitri Nickolaevich Bal'termants was born in 1912, in Warsaw, Poland (the part of the Russian Empire at that time). In 1915, at the beginning of the revolution, his family moved in Moscow, where he have been living for the most part of his life. During the World War 2 he made his shots through all over the front in such places as Moscow, Stalingrad (Volgograd nowadays) or Leningrad (St.
Petersburg). Now the pictures of Bal'termants have become the world famous symbols of the War. See also: The Battle in Volkhovsky Forest On-ground Torpedo Russian Tanks Russian Snipers from WW2 Swings - 1944 Russian Fortications from World War 2 Astonishing Shot Back from 1942 Battle For Staliningrad Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2
weird urban design in Novosibirsk
31 Weird Urban Design

Weird Urban Design

Quite weird urban design was spotted from space on the territory of Russia by Google Earth
users. This is the district of Novosibirsk city. Take a closer look after the jump.
birds nest under the car hood 1

29 Hood Nest

Hood Nest

It turned out, that Russian birds are quite inventive and creative as Russian people as well. We've already told about the pigeon that has made a nest from short wires scattered around the
warehouse of one IT company. But this smart bird has weaved its nest and even layed eggs straight under the car hood. It's quite convenient to travel around without flying.

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