the super kitten from Moscow 1

32 The Super Kitten

The Super Kitten

This little kitten from Moscow can be really called the X-Kitten or just the Super Kitten. The point is that, fallen from the tenth floor, it has not only survived but
deformed the car's roof to such an extent, that the car's proprietor now wants to bring an action against the kitten's owners. One more picture below.
original way of garbage utilization 1

20 Down the River Desna

Down the River Desna

If you want to visit Russia and go to a camping there, you will discover that rubbish heaps is probably the main problem of Russian forests,
especially near built-up areas. But these fellows have found quite original way of how to utilize scattered garbage, especially plastic bottles.
Russian blacksmith\'s house 1

34 A Blacksmith’s House

A Blacksmith’s House

A psychedelic house of Russian blacksmith in a Russian village near Yekaterinburg city. They say the blacksmith
himself has already passed away and his wife gets offers to sell it regularly but she denies them.
street racing accident in the Moscow streets 1

44 Need for Speed Goes Public

Need for Speed Goes Public

That's what they call street racing in Moscow and that's why they don't like it either. A real
racing car doing ninety mph in the city downtown - can it be called some other way?
strange bodybuilder was spotted on the lake shore 1

122 Bodybuilding in Russia

Bodybuilding in Russia

It may seem strange, but according to the author of these photos, some Russian bodybuilders look
like this. This one was spotted on the lake shore when he got for some swimming fun.
air quality in the big cities 1

20 Air We Breathe

Air We Breathe

One Moscow driver took a shot of his car air fliters after 9500 miles ( :) ) of usage. According his words, these pictures clearly show the air quality in the big cities. This
one, on the picture above, is a new air filter from Ford. See the difference. Do the lungs of people after a few months living in Moscow look alike from inside?
unsuccessful car performance 1

9 The Story of One Race

The Story of One Race

Looks like these fellows were to young to know about favorite Russian saying "the slower you ride the father you will go"
and tried to make an impression on Perm' inhabitants. Actually they've made it, even more, on the whole Internet.
excavations took place near the walls of the Kremlin, Moscow 1

11 Archeological Dig in the Moscow Kremlin

Archeological Dig in the Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is a historical heart of Moscow. So, every construction project within its precincts or near them is followed by excavations when many archeological finds can be discovered every time. For this once the scientists have dug up several wooden buildings
of the fourteenth century. Among them there was jewellery workshop, where they found an icon made from glass, many precious jewels and also tools and instruments of the former owner. Some photos below. See also: White Wall of Moscow
russian statue 1

40 Free Life

Free Life

A statue from Pavlovsky Park in St.
Petersburg. What is "Free Life" anyways?

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