30 Russian Police by Rulon Oboev

Russian Police by Rulon Oboev

Posted on August 31, 2007 by

types of russian policemen by rulon oboev 1

We’ve already posted the series of photos from Moscow streets by this photographer. Here comes a new photo set – the types of Russian policemen.

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types of russian policemen by rulon oboev 2

types of russian policemen by rulon oboev 3


30 Responses to “Russian Police by Rulon Oboev”

  1. 1st says:

    Yes! First!

    (Yes I live with my Parents I am baldy and aged 46)

  2. D says:

    Thank you roll of wallpaper.

  3. just... says:

    Obesity is a real problem for policemen of the US state of Florida. The top authorities decided to apply economic sanctions to fat staffers.
    Every policeman with excessive weight will be deprived of an annual premium at the rate of $500. The measure will be applied to policemen with excessive weight of more than seven kilogram to the norm.
    Staffers, who are very probable candidates to lose their premiums are indignant at the innovation. They say, the measure is extremely hard. Moreover, policemen say that excessive weight causes no effect on efficiency. “An officer can have a large list of detained, he can be the best of the rest, but I do not think that excessive weight is a fair reason to deprive him of a premium”, one of the US policemen says.
    Another policeman states, excessive weight is really important for his work. Over the whole period of his service in police the man never chased criminals. His main goal is to knock doors out during police operations.

  4. 1st says:

    “Russia is back,” says Cliff Kupchan, a Russia expert at the Washington-based Eurasia Group, a political risk advisory and consulting firm. “The Russian elites have more spring in their step than at any time since my first visit there in 1981, and they’ve had enough of U.S. unilateralism.”

  5. Richard S. says:

    Russian seems to have more police officers than its civilians. I like the Russian Lady officers (6th picture) :)

  6. glvoid says:

    ban islam in russia; start a petition demanding it;

  7. inspector johnson says:

    some men are pregnant. so much for homophobia

    • just... says:

      Obesity is a real problem for policemen of the US state of Florida. The top authorities decided to apply economic sanctions to fat staffers.

      • USA1 says:

        Blimpitude is a problem for all Americans. Some feel that Scientologists are fattening us up somehow for the aliens that are holding Xenu.

  8. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    LOL! Who da man!

  9. USA1 says:

    My cops are dumber than your cops. These guys look like real professionals.

  10. Peterm says:


  11. AnalStretcher says:


  12. AnalStretcher says:

    That last guy looks like Hitler. LOL

  13. James says:

    #10 down, with the cigarette, a real hunk of a man. Yummy!

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  16. Have a look at something positive

    or shall we travel to the US and the UK and focus on fat policeman and down and outs in the streets. Easy to do!

    Kings Cross here I come

  17. russia_bound says:

    Awesome pictures thanks, For those of you bashing on us Cops, you run to us when something bad happens and we protect and serve but you bash on us constantly, its ok its the most hated profession in the world but you know what I dont care. So anyways thanks for the pictures…

  18. cona says:

    If some one wished to make it look the police so ridiculous they could not do better!

  19. Boris Abramov says:

    LOL! I love you!

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