29 It’s Party Time

It’s Party Time

Posted on August 31, 2007 by

car accident with moldavian wine 1

This unusual car wreck took place in the Ukraine, when the truck followed from Moldova to Russia has lost one of it’s trailers fully loaded with Moldavian wine. Unfortunately, most of the bottles have been broken. But the rest were rescued by the local inhabitants.

car accident with moldavian wine 2

car accident with moldavian wine 3

car accident with moldavian wine 4

car accident with moldavian wine 5

car accident with moldavian wine 6

car accident with moldavian wine 7

car accident with moldavian wine 8

via obozrevatel

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29 responses to “It’s Party Time”

  1. EDEC says:

    I wish I was there!!!

  2. jflong100 says:

    Moldavian wine? Please. That stuff isn’t fit for drinking. Sickingly sweet.

    Now Bulgarian wine… that’s the good stuff.

  3. jaz1 says:

    bonitas botellas!!!!! 8)

  4. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    Kind of sat to see so many young kids near so much alcohol.

    • heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

      Oops, I meant “sad”

      • Dungeonbrownies says:

        If you lived there, youd try to drink your wits out too.

        Maybe if not by this then by “aftershave” [aka, 98% alcohol at half price mixed with “scents” and marketted as aftershave because of the illegality to sell such drink of that proof to minors]

  5. Jim says:

    Those chics are hot.

  6. Igor says:

    When I heard about this over truck radio, my friend said he crashed his truck. I rushed to the scene as fast as I could in my truck. Not to help him. To get as much as i could get my hands on. I had a fun drive all the way from Ukraine to Vladivostok with my toxic waste wastes after so.

  7. Pros says:

    We were talking about USA, not Russia. For the world piece, please stop your radiation poisoning, support for atrocities in Dar fur, and killings of Chechnyan children.

  8. Texas1 says:

    You are another Texas1 impostor. Stop your childish behavior at once.

  9. Boris Abramov says:

    Yes, police in Estonia normally just stabs the looters. Or is it just russian looters?

    You should be so proud of your country..

    • Andre says:

      You are another victim of Russian propaganda…
      I know that Russian news and newspapers write about “police killing russians” and beating them for no reason…
      Also they montaged a few clips about that…

      If you think that police killed someone then you should know that police hasn’t killed anyone lately, and the last incident that russian news broadcasted as police killed a guy was actually a fight between looters, where one of them killed another…
      Also, that wasn’t a peaceful act against that bronze soldier, it was mass hysteria with looting, burning and just doing damage to other peoples property.

      Anyways, normal people respect others property and wont loot it…

  10. TeratoMarty says:

    Danger! Danger! Wine from my homeland will give you the worst hangover you have ever had.

  11. KaT says:

    Me & my cousins are 13 (& 12) & we love wine. Why must americans think it’s so bad!? It’s not!

  12. skum_russian says:

    of course we steal this wine by the way we cause it puting a the hottes girl of town naked on way

  13. Apopkaslacker says:

    Pic #
    1) Fashion no no, button up tucked into sweat pants, obviously occurse before getting drunk
    3) Guy at far left, obviously gay before getting drunk
    4) end of innocence, after getting drunk
    5) end of innocence, after getting drunk
    6) cop Peeing, after getting drunk
    8) two guys groping each other in public, after getting drunk

  14. Quite a train wreck
    Reninds me of train wreck in northern canada where the train contained as shipment of Beaujlois neveau
    Wreck was in a lake but all was rescued

  15. Mark says:

    In Soviet-Occupied Germany, alcohol drinks YOU!

  16. chaosgone says:

    It’s good to see people recycling! 🙂

  17. Ngern says:

    i like 2 small girls. they are lovely. i want to marry them when they grow up.

  18. Kelly says:

    The Moldovan wine I’ve had is rather tasty, anything from Crikova to home-brewed…however, Kvint is the worst! Tastes like kerosene!

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