41 Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea

Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea

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Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  1

“Swallow’s Nest” is a castle, built in the late XIX century near Yalta, in the South of Crimea. Situated on the steep cliff right over the sea, it has become the symbol of the South coast of Crimea and one the of the most exciting point of interests of the whole resort.

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  2

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  3

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  4

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  5

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  6

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  7

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  8

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  9

Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  10

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Swallow\'s Nest, the castle over the sea in Crimea  12

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41 responses to “Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea”

  1. wackyruss says:

    That casle is awesome.

    I would love to visit one day!

  2. Boris Abramov says:

    I visited Yalta quite a few times when I was kid with my grandfather. Have loads of wonderful memories about this place. I certainly will visit it next time I am in Crimea.

  3. You'reNot says:

    That is cool and all but the foundation has some cracks in it. If that was in the US a private inspector would have a field day.

    • Strawberry Shortcake sez: Jesus is berry delicious! says:

      well, the pirate inspectors are the ones you really have to worry about…

  4. Mattias says:

    This place is wonderful. Crimea is one of the most beautiful places on earth! I loved it with my whole heart when I was there this summer.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Where about in crimea did you go, just Yalta?

      • Mattias says:

        I was living in Yalta but also visited Sevastopol and some smaller cities around. I forget most of the names should as my Ukrainian wife instead 🙂

        Do you also like Yalta? It´s definitely the most beautiful place in all of Ukraine!

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Yalta is very nice but I haven’t been there for quite a while. However, last year I stayed in “Foros” alos in the southern Crimea. (Incidentlly, Foros is where Gorbachev used to have his summer vacations.) The place is absolutely magnificent. Beautiful mountains, flora, crystal clear see and generally very friendly people. I certainly had a great time there.

          However if you planning to visit, I must warn you – prices for accommodation are very expensive. We rented a one bedroom flat for just under $150 a night. An that was the cheapest price we could find.

          • Mattias says:

            That is pretty expensive. We found a 2 room flat i Yalta for just under $30 a night in the center. But everything was so good in Yalta just loved it. Have already told everybody I know that they have to go to Ukraine to visit this wonderful place 🙂

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    Crimea is a wonderfull place with great potential for international tourism. It’slike this place is just waiting to be discovered, and investors seem to be blind to the opportunities. But of course nothing is as simple as it seems. Yes Crimea has the potential to be bigger and better then the Golden Sands or Costa Del Sol, but where is the infrastructure? Where is the government investment? And of course which private investor would want to invest in a country with such an unstable political climate? – I wouldn’t. Would you?

    I don’t think many westerners even know where Crimea is, never mind having ever been there. Which does seem quite strange, because crimea is tree times the size of Cyprus and is deffinetely much more beautiful. I really hope things will start to change in the future.

  6. Deema says:

    Crimea is really beautiful. It used to be even better than it is now. Now it’s full of tourists, 24/7. I remember in my childhood going up to Ay! Petriy. Hiking through the canyons. Walking through the night Yalta. Gorgeous home land. =)

  7. Rico says:

    Thats absolutely beautiful. If they were to rent out rooms they could make a fortune.

  8. a.gore says:

    Ah! The legendary Ukrainian burrito. Mexikrainian restaurant,YUM! Chefs from all over the world will come and try to learn the secret recipes and sample the Crimean tequila (vodka with a worm in it). What? I am not there yet?

    • Tim in Pa. says:

      maybe the borrito was legendary But I sense your joking!!!! Hell they couldnt figure out how to make nacho’s! They were REALLY bad! So I just stopped at that point and paid the bill and walked out ,went to a small upstairs place near our flat and had a great meal of svinya shashlek(sp) and selemka(sp) Now that was the best soup I ever had in Europe or anywhere for that matter

  9. Pietari says:


  10. Kaiser says:

    Jane swallows.

  11. John from Kansas says:

    A very striking historical landmark in a beautiful region.

  12. illlich says:

    WOW!! Look at that HUGE seagull!!! Those tourists are going to get eaten alive!!

    Yes, Black sea polluted, so is Aral and Caspian and even Baikal has contaminants wayyyy down at the very bottom, thanks to factories dumping sludge there.

    Actually. . . has the Aral sea disappeared yet? Probably best to just let it dry up at this point.

  13. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    Wow, last photo looks like it was taken in Greece!

  14. Cara Walton says:

    That is incredible, I love castles.

  15. kori says:

    I found the castle itself a bit kitschy, but the landscape is amazing indeed.

  16. Bonia says:

    It would be fair to point ‘Ukraine’ in the title of the post. Ukraine is beautiful.

  17. Mohammad says:

    The best place for sucide, and can be used as a dive, but it may be cause some damages 🙂

  18. TopSod says:

    Fascinating, they knew how to build back then

  19. Yoron says:

    It looks phreaking dangerous perched on that cliff. How good is that rock?

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