17 House Collapsed in Baku

House Collapsed in Baku

Posted on August 29, 2007 by

house collapsed in Azerbajan 1

A house has collapsed in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, former USSR part…

house collapsed in Azerbajan 2

house collapsed in Azerbajan 3

house collapsed in Azerbajan 4

house collapsed in Azerbajan 5

house collapsed in Azerbajan 6

house collapsed in Azerbajan 7

house collapsed in Azerbajan 8

house collapsed in Azerbajan 9

house collapsed in Azerbajan 10

house collapsed in Azerbajan 11

house collapsed in Azerbajan 12


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17 Responses to “House Collapsed in Baku”

  1. Kizzle says:

    Is there an article about this? I hope it wasn’t occupied.

  2. this is not a poop tart says:

    New construction? I hope no one was hurt.

    • Texas1 says:

      A while back, I posted a story that a Russian friend had told me. He said that in Russian Universities cheating is very widespread and encouraged. As a result, he indicated that Russian architects would build building and they would fall down not long after.

  3. Mike says:

    Must be the same guys that built the bridge in Minnesota.

    • zafarad says:

      Case is slightly different here…Minnesota river bridge was so old and under repair but this apartment block is under construction and unfinished.i think major cause of collapsijg this building is substandard building material.look carefully you will see the builder barely used cement.thanks God this building was not finished.but i amazed that why blue truck is shift on the top of the roof?{Pic 1)and i also happy to see Lexus SUV is safe and sound.

  4. maxD says:

    It was still under construction or so it seems. Collapse probably due to poor construction, poor construction materials, wrong calculations or a combination of these. Not uncommon in corrupt countries. Happens in China too, quite often even.

    Construction materials are expensive and therefore thieves are keen on stealing the stuff.

    Since insurance is almost non-existing in the region [including Russia] the contractor usually solves the problem by continuing to construct the building but with the remaining materials.
    Like, if you need 10 tons of cement for the brick walls and 2 tons get stolen, you simply construct the walls with only 8 tons of cement. Of course this is dangerous but inspectors will condone it [for a bribe] or they simply don’t know and just check papers.
    Usually the building will appear ok and people will move in. Since apartments are to be paid upfront the only people running the risk are the inhabitants. If the building collapses or starts [unexpected] falling apart within a few years the contractor is already untraceable or cannot be held liable anymore. A sad but all to common situation. The average citizen is a no-body in the eyes of the ruling class.

  5. Alan says:

    From BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/6968624.stm

    “A 14-storey building under construction in Azerbaijan’s capital has collapsed, killing at least five people.”

  6. Aleksander Sergiev says:

    It will just be replaced with a Mosque!

  7. MizzA... says:

    Realy Sorry for my English, if i offend anyone or got anything else wrong i realy did not men to do that and i am realy sorry if so.

    I am not sure, but a friend, he is engineer and he often went to Baku for helping with construction calcylations, told me that, concrete comes i many different qualitys, some cheap qualitys is much weaker and are not meant for use in advance contructing works. But sometimes people try to use that anyway to save money and ignore what the engineers told them, that ofte result in such colapses.

    Guess that´s often will happen in China.

    “Russian Universities cheating is very widespread and encouraged”
    Well, Nothing compared to the swedish KTH, seems like every one can made it there if You once get in there(!!) Unfortunatly it´s not only in russia. Here in Sweden You sometimes don´t even need to bribe your teacher, one just need to lick he´s aXX the right way. THAT´S make me sick. :(

    Russian engineers average know what they are doing, and i guess that one can certainly not cheat in highscool that easy in Russia.

    I Love Russia!

    MVH// MizzA…

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  10. Go Russia says:

    People commenting here don’t understand the difference between Russian people and Azeris. Azeris are pretty much subhuman, their IQ is less than 30 don’t mix em up.

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