40 Giant Snake of Kazakhstan

Giant Snake of Kazakhstan

Posted on August 29, 2007 by

giant snake in Kazakhstan  1

Everyone knows thanks to Cold War propaganda that Soviet Union was the land of bears, if not polar bears then just regular brown bears and if not bears then some more forest animals but for sure it was not land of giant snakes, but it seems that times are changing, now giant snakes can be met in Kazakhstan like this one…

giant snake in Kazakhstan  2

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40 Responses to “Giant Snake of Kazakhstan”

  1. chubz says:

    Probably just a pet?

  2. Tim says:

    is it warm enough to have boa constrictors there? Usually those are found in warm swampy areas.

  3. molts says:

    It is niiice, I like it! My hram is bigger.

  4. zafarad says:

    First of all this is not Giant snake…….this is Anaconda,found in huge numbers in south America.and also i reserve my opinion on the origin of pictures,they was took in so called kazekistan, this claim is so foolish.two guys are out of context in the last picture.i think these pics took in any south American country.regular tourist knows hat in Columbia and other Amazonian regions local guys are arrange these real photo sessions.

  5. snakes on a plain! i am obsessed with snakes!

  6. Boris Abramov says:

    Global Warming perhaps? Thanks to our american friends driving their tanks to the supermarket, this could be quite a common sight in the future. Thanks America! :)

  7. lithuanian says:

    That guy on the very right looks very russian .. if you know what i mean…

  8. I am says:

    Admin was drunk !

  9. KGB says:


  10. Sacha says:

    no way in hell this is taken in Kazakhstan. The three dark-skinned guys are definitely not Central Asian. Especially the guy on the far right, he looks distinctly like a mixed black from south america.

  11. BlackMoon says:


  12. Jota says:

    this animal it’s an anaconda or sucuri (you can see that on the yellow rings on the snake skin) , the photo it’s taken on Brazil or Venenzuela, never on Kazakstan.

  13. herrow says:

    Your mom was taken on Kazakhstan.

  14. dennis romero ramirez says:

    This is total BS. That snake is a yellow anaconda, and is actually the smallest of da 3 types of anacondas in the world, and they only live in South-america (the Amazon). Besides, they are cold-blooded reptiles, so they would freeze 2 death in Russia during winter.

  15. K.P. Waltz says:

    I am a british black woman living in kazakstan because my husband is a native. I have seen other people of color, some of arabic origin or another, living here as well. We live in zhambyl, and I found this comment to be quite hurtful because of that. It doesn’t sound as if you would be very hospitable to newcomers of african descent. I keep hearing about how openminded kazakhstani people are, but you appear to be the opposite.
    Americans may be quite blatant in their creative expression, but that does not mean the post deserves such a narrow-linear, response as you have given. I hope you are not as disrespectful to people of color you might meet.

  16. asha says:

    Негры в казахстане – змеи в абакане

  17. Jimmy Aces says:

    This is clearly a Green Anaconda. I guess these pictures are just random stuff from the web with made up captions.
    Green Anaconda are in South America and could not survive in the climate of Kazakhstan.

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  19. Noodly James says:

    I lived in South America for several years. First, it would be more believable if it weren’t A) an Anaconda B) They had remembered to shop out the indian campesino C) Remembered to change the location from the Venezuelan Llanos

  20. vic says:

    unless Kazakhstan has moved down to South America this article is complete rubbish.

  21. john says:

    i would say latin américa !

  22. awied says:

    what a snake !

  23. dreamingofkarelia says:

    Those white folks might be Kazakh but that photo is not taken inside Kazakhstan. It is definitely South America. I have gone on vacation and seen these snakes firsthand and was told and I have confirmed they only dwell on that continent mostly, besides the individuals across the globe in captivity.

    I really like this blog, but this article upsets me because it is obviously a lie. Posting this makes your readers question the authenticity of all the great presumably true articles you post. Please dont act like some tabloid. As you can see in the comments, your readers are not dumb and not easily fooled. Please get back to posting true photo blogs, the readers enjoy

  24. Jaden Flores says:

    photoblogs are cool and i maintain at least two of them~’`

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