12 Wooden Galaxy

Wooden Galaxy

Posted on August 28, 2007 by

wooden ufo and other wooden things from Russia 1

Some people argue about the origin of the crop circles. Some say they are done by UFOs. This one above could be done with the wooden UFO like this one:

wooden ufo and other wooden things from Russia 2

It could have come through the Wooden Hyperspace, like this one:

wooden ufo and other wooden things from Russia 3

Getting landing location via this wooden stellar lighthouse:


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12 Responses to “Wooden Galaxy”

  1. numb says:

    Bit weird stuff, like the kindergarten sculptures.

    • Texas2 says:

      If they have corporate sponsors they might be much better.when i see these kind of `ABSTRACT ART` i suddenly feel some pain in my stomach.so called artist waste so many woods.

      • maxD says:

        zafarad ?

        You’re impersonating ? I told you before – Can you please use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and use comma’s and spaces where applicable ? Would be great.

      • illlich says:

        I like these, nice to look at, isn’t that what art is about?

  2. Justin says:

    Very creative.

  3. Delicious says:

    In soviet russia, wood-based overlords welcome you!

  4. David E Toronto says:

    The very first one looks like a Faberge Easter egg.

  5. Phentermine. says:



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