14 Painted Wheels

Painted Wheels

Posted on August 28, 2007 by

Porsche with painted wheels in Russia 1

Lately owners of luxury cars in Moscow prefer not to airbrush the whole car as it’s considered as an outdated fashion. The new trend now is to paint wheels only and leave the car untouched. Like this one.

Porsche with painted wheels in Russia 2

via Kirill

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14 Responses to “Painted Wheels”

  1. Andriy says:

    Those rims look terrible, OEM are better.

    Btw, first.

  2. You'reNot says:

    It is nice to know there are rednecks all over the world.

    • Johnny Rebel says:

      Right… only poor people paint the rims of their Porsche. You must not have really thought that through. More than likely the reason for that is that you are a total douche-bag. I’m surprised you could even find the keyboard without a map. Wipe the drool off of your chin, you witless turd burglar.

  3. yingjai says:

    worst rims ever

  4. Igor says:

    Don’t we all?

    I like these wheels I am going to get them for my Nucular waste truck!

  5. dr.henry wu says:

    Johnny Rebel, you so funny, hee hee, i like you bery much, so muchy much i let u smoke my gland

  6. ettoja says:

    kruto.) stilno, zjb, mne o4en ponravilas ideja.

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  8. Valerie says:

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  9. Cary Billon says:

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