28 MAKS 2007 International Air Show

MAKS 2007 International Air Show

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MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 1

Last week the International Air Show “MAKS 2007″ took place near Moscow, during it the visitors were able to see the most various aircraft models of the different countries, piloting by the best world-famous pilots.

Some photos of this event below.

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MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 2

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 3

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 4

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 5

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 6

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 7

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 8

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 9

MAKS 2007 International Air Show in Moscow 10


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28 Responses to “MAKS 2007 International Air Show”

  1. zafarad says:

    Much industry and little conscience make a man rich.

  2. zafarad says:

    Great pics.i love soviet and Russian planes.they builds unique and few odd flying machines.and even in USA Russians share their knowledge of aeronautical engineering.Sikorsky is the prime example.he design and flew worlds first Helicopter.and today Sikorsky is the largest US helos producer.but i love still soviet times.when soviets gave free hands to various design bureaus of ministry of defence.at once they were more than 20 different design bureaus.they design some remarkable machines.now we shift our attention to present day event.MAKS 2007 is same as their past shows.they covers place with various old and junk planes at the name of static display.yes i do agree with their capabilities and performance but they have to show really something new.Blackjack,Konkorsky,bears and old migs with new numbers are not enough to compete new market .but i first time saw IL 76 razbank plane may be this plane made for Russian space training programe.this plne is capable of generating 0 gravity.cosmonauts regularly trained on this plane.also i like Russian flying display team,she well known for her stunning maneuvers did very well in the show.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Zafarad, I too have great admiration for Soviet/Russian aircraft and aviation history. Yes the many design bureaus produced a large number of dazzling designs. In the 1930s, no other country would even attempt to build an aircraft that could change from a bi-plane to a monoplane at the pilots will, yet the Nikitin-Shyevchenko IS-1 and IS-2 flew succcessfully. New Russian aircraft excellent designs and are doing well in the world market. Beriev has many orders for the Be-200 flying boat. Were you able to attend the MAKS show?

    • Echo says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean when you say the IL 76 is capable of generating 0 gravity. Do you mean when they do a long-term dive to simulate a weightless environment?

      • zafarad says:

        Almost right.when Il 76 `special edition` is flying over the certain height,plne maneuvers some controlled dives.so sudden change of pace and direction creates almost `0` gravity for few seconds.American too convert 707 for this purpose.

  3. zafarad says:

    I request personally…,please UKRINE return `Antonov design bureau` to Russia.you take full credit of AN 225 and AN125.instead of that we give you all production rights of AN2 and AN10! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .because of Oleg Antonov is Russian.

  4. Boris Abramov says:

    BOARING :(

    New topic on the forum! WHO KILLED POLITKOVSKAYA? – all opinions and speculations welcome.

    • zafarad says:

      Definitely i am not.but i guess in FSB,some hardliners try to hide their crimes.they feel fear of public outcry over the issue of Chechnya.she is on the target since she opened her mouth on the atrocities carried out by federal fofces and Ramadan qadirev.she is the victim of her cocious.God bless her.in Russian society we see Politkovskaya as symbol of truth.she never feel any fear from FSB.WE SALUTE HER CAUSE,FREEDOM OF PRESS AND FREEDOM OF SAYING TRUTH……..

    • John from Kansas says:

      Could the murder have been an attempt to discredit Putin?

  5. crash says:

    I wonder how many of the Russian planes we’ll see when the US invades Iran?

  6. Shizo says:

    Beautiful show. I like Tu144 and the American folks wearing the Russian patches on their uniform. :)

  7. Karol Krizka says:

    Do you know if they had the Canadian Snowbirds perform?

  8. FINNI says:

    incredibly beautiful pictures!! :D

  9. Doug says:

    This must be the air show that made the news the other day: Some rich Russian approached the US Air Force personnel and offered to purchase the B-52.

  10. AeroSquid says:

    great pics!!! what an awesome airshow that must have been!

  11. we have seen no of air show in india but this must be some thing great.lets hope i will get opprtunity to see this kind of air show.good pictures and it could have been better if air craft names could also be written with pictures.

  12. Jacob Oost says:

    Heh, that guy’s name is Albert Kirkey. Say it fast…..

  13. Bob says:

    Sweet, a bunch of Yankee boys.

    We had a MIG 17 and MIG 21 here in Detroit for the local air show in August. The 17 does lots of afterburner. Very nice.

  14. Awesome post! great plane ever built is that the raptor plane?

  15. Interesting post. I’m not entirely sure what you meant about the kansas city craft show though, could you elaborate?

  16. Dann Vallo says:

    Love you from the core of my heart.Wanna Be your Valentine 4ever

  17. milky_candy_sugar says:

    Did i jut saw a Mig-35 O_O
    And the last guy is soooo cute

  18. Ravit Pdoot says:

    My friend just returned from the casinos in Macao , he made 20034 euros in black jack. I think the casinos are more liberal there.

  19. Paolo CHu says:

    my name is Paolo I’ve 8 years old and I like so much the aircraft military ex soviet and US. god bless all peoples, mi favority plane is the SU- 37 thank you

  20. mad1982 says:

    cool show

  21. carlos trujillo says:


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