51 Frog Can Fly

Frog Can Fly

Posted on August 27, 2007 by

frog can fly in Russia 1

Two artists from Moscow are obsessed with an idea that a frog should fly too, so they make different photos of the frog in a “flight”, giving a name for each of them.

They think that “The jump of frog symbolizes thirst of flying. As genetic magic dream, about that far time, when frogs were the ANGELS”. Frankly this is the first time I hear about the link between frogs and angels…

The one above was called ““K’ung-fu-tzu” (Confucius)”

frog can fly in Russia 2

“Ikarus, Flight from Eden”

frog can fly in Russia 3

“ring of Prometheus”

frog can fly in Russia 4

“Eddy Chlorophyll”

frog can fly in Russia 5

“Eddy Chlorophyll”

frog can fly in Russia 6

“Ikarus, Flight from Eden”

frog can fly in Russia 7

“Siberian postman”

frog can fly in Russia 8

“Siberian postman”, one more time.

frog can fly in Russia 9

“The Fly of Destiny”

via MiMi Moscow

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51 responses to “Frog Can Fly”

  1. zafarad says:

    again RIRST………………………….

  2. zafarad says:

    I mean FIRST……………..

    • AdolphPutin says:

      Where have you been Zafarad? Don’t be a stranger! Come back to this site more often!!! You’re comments are always pretty funny and it is good to have a real Russian on here.

  3. John from Kansas says:

    Very strange but fascinating art. Jewelry actually, and excellent workmanship . Hopefully the frog was set free after the photos were taken.

  4. caposkaw says:

    poor frog!
    but the “artist” is victim of a overdose of cocaine or a overdose of vodka?

    • zafarad says:

      What i am saying.you are 100%right sir.poor frogs are too living things.why so caled damn `artists` try thees frankenstein experiments on their own.

  5. maxD says:

    The frog doesn’t seem really happy to fly.

    • Washington says:

      Yes it does seem quite cruel. How are you feeling now?

    • Boris Abramov says:

      It does seem rather cruel. But since when was art about ethics or morality?

    • Pacific NW says:

      The frog looks clearly depressed and annoyed. Oh well, at least Russia has frogs. In my region, they’ve mostly disappeared in the last 30 years. I used to see tree frogs every summer. Haven’t seen or hear one in 15 years.

  6. Chingau Wei says:

    I wonder how much they sell the whole set for. This looks harmless to the frogs, they are not impaled on small spikes, it’s a simple collar holding them in.

    Really interesting art. These days original ideas are few and far between, but this looks 100% original.

  7. numb says:

    It may seem little cruel, but I think there are much more cruel things done to animals by the mankind.

  8. illlich says:


  9. Pete says:

    That has already been done before, Artists have already shoved everything they could in their asses.

  10. John from Kansas says:

    Is this more cruel that putting a collar on a dog?
    How many vegetarians are here?

    • Chingau Wei says:

      Too goddamn many.

    • Pacific NW says:

      Yes, it is. For many dogs, the collar is a symbol of “I get to go out and play” time. Frogs have extremely sensitive skin. Sensitive to pollutants, metals, oils on your hand. Just look at it’s face in pic 5. It hates it! They’re amphibians for christs sake!

      • John from Kansas says:

        They are also sensitive to fish hooks through the lower jaw. But tell me something. How is it that you can read a frogs facial expression?

    • zafarad says:

      You are mixing two different things together.apple with banana.did you see any pet frog with clamps and screws?did you ever listen someone clamped his pet,just for entertainment?vegetarian or nonveg,is not the issue.issue is that what do you think about the someones cruel and barbaric behaviour to the living creatures…How many stone hearted guys here???????????

  11. a.gore says:

    Igor is BALDY FROG!!!

  12. Ante Meridiem says:

    In Modern Russia, you fly frog. In Soviet Russia, frog flies you!

  13. maxD says:

    Who’s talking about Americans here ? What do they have to do with it ? Are they a standard against which everything is checked ?

    Please explain your comment.

  14. maxD says:

    It is very simple. Don’t do to others what you don’t want tot happen to you. If everybody would stick to that, the world would be a very different place.

  15. robin williams says:

    I adored the creativity. The frogs are fine – folks need to lighten up. If this was as brutal as the world ever got, it’d be a waaaay better place.

  16. galmeida says:

    I’m a big fan of this blog, but this post is disgusting, poor frog. Free the frog!!!

  17. MLChen says:

    I don’t know why they call the frog’s name “Confucius” @[email protected]?

  18. zdfgsghs says:


  19. kiih says:

    sira ulo ka! hahahhahaha

  20. […] Frog Can Fly from English Russia […]

  21. manpupuner says:

    хоче полэтиты,
    тыхо каже “ква”,
    алэ в нэбо взмыты
    нэ дае Москва )))

  22. Monica Broadhole says:

    sick ..

  23. VictoryA says:

    lummy … it’s very beautiful provocation!!!!
    excellent idea & magic realization

  24. Rita says:

    Can someone in Russia please tell me the name of the plant in the Eddy Chlorophyll photo?

  25. Rita says:

    Could someone in Russia please identify the plant in the Eddy Chlorophyll photo?

  26. OT3P_Wolf says:

    poor froggies, they are clearly uncomfortable. This is equivalent to torture, I would rather be dead than have to be in contraptions such as those.

    • alice says:

      Really? I’d rather be stuck in a harness of plastic and metal for an hour than die. You must not have much to live for if you’re that willing to die.

  27. Kent_Diego says:

    It seems frogs do not like to fly.

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