35 Who Wants Some Feng Shui?

Who Wants Some Feng Shui?

Posted on August 25, 2007 by

weird Feng Shui commercial 1

Such an ad in form of a pale plastic lady rolled up into a blanket-like robe and something else on her head stands for Feng Shui services somewhere in Ukraine. Does it really urges an appeal for some Feng Shui amongst passers by?

weird Feng Shui commercial 2

weird Feng Shui commercial 3

weird Feng Shui commercial 4

submitted by Evil Joe

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35 Responses to “Who Wants Some Feng Shui?”

  1. alex says:

    very attractive! AND FIRST

  2. zafarad says:

    No comments.

  3. John from Kansas says:

    I am a racist from KLANsas City KLANsas. Tonight I am going o burn a cross and march with neo natzis. Heil Victory!

  4. John from Kansas says:

    By the way, I prefer my ladies to be inflatable.

    • John from Kansas says:

      (Please note: the above comment is from the famous impersonator texas1)

      • Pros says:

        By the way, do you know why the site does not allow to post the same comment? :-)

      • Texas1 says:

        John, I don’t care where you place your little Polish sausage. Just don’t make false accusations. You better be glad that this site is managed by a person who believes in the first amendment of the one nation under God. For sick, racist, and inflammatory comments like yours some countries would gladly show you hell.

  5. Kazik says:

    if i would know what feng shui stands for and if it’s related to the lady then yes. its probably some massage parlour or something :P

    BTW whats this all these ghey comments by everyone here? SILLY KIDS playing their silly games i suppose ;)

    • Texas1 says:

      It is the practice of arranging furniture and decorating a home to increase your spiritual energy. It’s an Asian thing.

  6. Dungeonbrownies says:

    That’s nothing like what ppl who take care of feng shui look like. they usually dress as geomancers or taoists, this is probably an ad for asian massage, aka, asian prostitution+oil.

  7. maxD says:

    Personally I think most people have other and more pressing problems to deal with instead of arranging their furniture in the Feng Shui way. In general they do not have the space to move their furniture around, to start with. The suitable living space for a Soviet citizen was defined as 8 m2 p/person in Breznjev times. Most people still have to live like that.

    I think they are simply selling some leftover bathrobe’s.

  8. John from Kansas says:

    Hi Boris,

    In Russia there is a saying. The way to a man’s heart is through the butt.

    Come take my butt.

  9. Boris Abramov says:

    Texas1, tell me, are you 10 years old? I really thought you have grown up a bit – but I guess I was wrong. That was so pathetic. I just hope it made you feel better about yourself.

    • John from Kansas says:

      Boris, you are so gross. Don’t try to say this is me when it has your name attached to the statement.

      • John from Kansas says:

        Attention: the above comment was made by the famous imposter texas1. (note to texas1; You are getting confused again as to who you are attempting to speak for.)

  10. Constructed and consecrated, when you should?Mugs should be, planning ahead Protein.Unfortunately this, Ground water is.Be well on feng shui home, caused by kidney the creditor directly.Coronavirus is a, they are officially.,

  11. 李钦 says:

    feng shui?是不是汉语里面的风水?

  12. cockatrice says:

    Slump shouldered and sickly looking. I think she needs some feng shui herself.

  13. Feng Shui is used mostly by old fashioned chinese. I dunno if it really works..”:

  14. Blake Rogers says:

    sometimes the predictions of feng shui are true and sometimes it is not.~”:

  15. Kaylee Lopez says:

    sometimes the predictions of feng shui are true and sometimes it is not.~’,

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