23 Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

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Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

As we’ve already told, the USSR was a military state. So not even militants, but workers of the various civil departments, like taxi drivers or wood cutters, should wear military alike uniform in a case of sudden war with the enemies of socialism. Even workers of sobering-up stations (special places where drunk people of Russia picked up from the streets were delivered for compulsory medical treatment) had their own uniform.

Marshal of the USSR.

soviet uniform caps collection 1

soviet uniform caps collection 2

soviet uniform caps collection 3

soviet uniform caps collection 4

Cavalry officer.

soviet uniform caps collection 5

Medical service officer cap.

soviet uniform caps collection 6

Railway forces officer caps.

soviet uniform caps collection 7

soviet uniform caps collection 39

Tank forces officer.

soviet uniform caps collection 8

General cap.


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23 Responses to “Soviet Uniform Caps Collection”

  1. John from Kansas says:

    Nice collection.

  2. zafarad says:

    Great collection of soviet caps.but i personally like the `medical department of sobriety staff cap`.as i said earlier soviets were so innovative..,they think beyond the horizon.they even create the full fledged organization for the help out of drunks.what a nasty idea.but i miss the cape of nuclear defence forces.may be as nuclear force is secret,his cap is too secret.

  3. Aldorado says:

    They capped every thing.

  4. Paglief says:

    No Ministry Of Caps?

  5. numb says:

    In case of invasion, you better have the hats in place.

  6. Kazik says:

    It’s called a VISOR not a cap for gods sakes.. learn your english “english russia”… Do i have to teach you english or something?

  7. jaz1 says:

    preciosa coleccion !!!!!!!

  8. longrun says:

    The statement that everybody in the USSR ‘should wear military alike uniform in a case of sudden war’ is ridiculous. :Р Are porters all over the world wear uniform because they’re preparing for war?

    Moreover, some caps here are transformed to look more ‘Soviet’ and military (for example, stars added to ‘starless’ caps). Also the caption deliberately misrepresents the facts.

    For example, sobering-up stations were officialy a militia (police) departments, so it’s natural their workers wore police caps and a uniform for a short period. But it was soon abrogated and they wore civil clothes on duty (otherwise drunkards attacked them :)).

    The same was with many other occupations (taxi-drivers, etc.). They had a uniform for a short period of time somewhen in 20th centuary, but gradually switched from it to civil clothes.

    In 70-80th there were basically four groups of people wearing the uniform: military men, police officers, some transport workers (pilots, locomotive drivers, stewardesses, (ship) сaptains, etc.) and schoolchildren (http://www.7682.ru/userdata/pionery/shkolnayaforma.jpg).

    • longrun says:

      Still it’s a very nice collection. I only wish the captions had dates and gave more info, because these uniforms are obviously from different decades.

  9. zafarad says:

    Big is better.the time tested theory.in soviet time we saw very very big things.so why we don`t expect visor cap is too small.but you are right. in soviet and post soviet era,many things are changed so rapidly but these gigantic shades are not much changed.

  10. Delicious says:

    Why is my hat collection on the internet?

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  12. Purba Negoro says:

    Very nice. Interesting the drop in quality of the lower ranks.
    Were military caps available for special purchase from specialist military tailors- using finest materials- including German or French import?
    I ask as some of the wool looks very, very fine indeed- maybe Italian or German?

  13. I was looking for this the other day. i dont usually post in forums but i wanted to say thank you!

  14. Heliotypon says:

    I was always impressed by the size of soviet military caps and the way they were designed, that is, to convey the idea of grandeur and glory. It is worth noting that the front upper part senior officers’ caps is rising to create a large-sized front and to point upwards, as if to signify the high rank of the wearer. It is also amazing that so many different designs were fabricated. A tremendous industry, if you consider the remaining parts of their outfits, such uniforms and insignia! Worth collecting, indeed!
    NB: A visor is the part of the cap that is supposed to shade the eyes; the lower front part.

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