51 Soviet Jet Train. Some More History.

Soviet Jet Train. Some More History.

Posted on August 23, 2007 by

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In our recent publications we’ve told once about the strange Soviet projects of terrestrial and water vehicles (a train and a ship) with jet engines.

If you are looking for more, here are some additional facts about the train.

SVL (Russian abbreviation of “high-speed laboratory car”) was developed in Kalininsky carriage-building factory in the far 1970. Based on the train model ER22 (the picture below) it was able to move by means of two engines from the passenger jet Yak-40, installed at the front.

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During the tests SVL has gained the top speed around 180 mph. For some unknown reason that tests have become the end of it’s life. Now it’s rusty fragments still can be found in the territory of Kalininsky factory.

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The project of SVL.

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Inside the cockpit. :)

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more information about soviet turbo jet train 11

1993. By Iury Akimov.

more information about soviet turbo jet train 12

1993. By Iury Akimov.

via kolobkov.net

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51 Responses to “Soviet Jet Train. Some More History.”

  1. John from Kansas says:

    A remarkable project. This vehicle should be preserved and restored.

  2. Tim says:

    They tried the same thing on the NY central RR. Using a modified Budd RDC Here’s a pic of it from a guy who’s building a model of it. http://www.katousa.com/N/RDC/033%2052-55%20NYC%20JET%20CAR2lorez.pdf

    183.85 mph!

    See the Americans have had crazy projects too.

  3. Washington says:

    Just great! Anyone has more info on this remarkable piece of engineering?

    • largecanine says:

      Yes! this jet train built for political prisoners to dump in vast wilderness of Siberia.swift and speedy.one time kommissar directed to design bureau…,more and more jet engines to be fitted for smooth travel.genadi enraskoi of kommissar is responsible to see daily progress of the project.he was so keen to travel by this nasty time capsule.but he died in road accident before the project reached at testing stage.another prototype TURBOPROP,train was destroy after its first experimental run.unfortunatly they can`t perfectly aligned the pushing and pulling engines.soviets are planned new type of tracks for this train.but after some serious controlling and safety problems they abandoned this project.

      • maxD says:

        It is very difficult to read and understand your comments. Can you please use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and use comma’s and spaces where applicable ? Would be great.

  4. zafarad says:

    What country???

  5. Pros says:

    You’re quite correct. Now, allow me to suck your cock, please.

  6. John from Kansas says:

    Are you talking about the People Mover?

    • Pete says:

      Nope definately not the people mover. Yo someone could make some serious cash on the people mover jackin all the business cats then diving into a 2nd floor abandoned building!

  7. Radical Vlad says:

    What? 6 comments and Pros is not here yet? Is he sick today? He must be catching up in the prior postings.

  8. Richard S. says:

    Are these those Russian bullet trains?

  9. Pros says:

    You are not correct since you don’t know who THE IGOR is.

  10. Clive says:

    French TGVs have been using 300 km/h (186 mph) as their standard cruising speed for many, many years now, and they’ve recently started to go faster on scheduled routes. Germany has TGV-type trains on its high-speed network.

    Japan has similarly fast trains, but all designed in Japan – they need special characteristics, such as the ability to stop very fast in the event of an earthquake warning.

    Even on the UK rail network, famously shabby and run-down, we have 140mph lines.

    It’s a shame the US ran down its rail network in the 1950s and 60s. Trains are so much more civilised, safer, and more economical than aeroplanes – but back in the 1930s, some of the fastest train routes in the world were in the USA. The US train firms didn’t dare compete in the speed competitions for fear of lawsuits, even back then, so you won’t find ‘em in the record books, but they really *flew*, did trains in the USA back in those days. Those old 1930 steam trains were faster than any trains operated inside the USA today, I gather.


  11. Japanese are the most advanced people if speaking about trains. here, their MagLev train, which can do modest 580km/h


  12. Pros says:


    • Tim says:

      So I wonder how many more jet trains there were. I know Bombardier of Canada built a Turbo train using a turbine generator to produce the power for a lightweight highspeed train.

      • rdu says:

        that was the same for the first french TGV and a suburban train called “turbotrain” (but it is not the same as the canadian one ;) )

  13. Gabriel says:


  14. Arch9enius says:

    The roof! The Roof! THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!

  15. borest says:

    In Soviet Russia train rockets you!

  16. Maruda says:

    it looks like from 30ties not from 70ties.

  17. Semaj says:

    The jet powered train was not a good idea on so many levels.

  18. Jayden says:

    Hi, excelent, this is good stuff, hope to see more.Bye Bye

  19. Boritz says:

    Good grief! Can you imagine the noise level inside the train car?! Or the HOT roof?!
    Looks like Soviet-style full employment project for incompetent engineers!

  20. Arch9enius says:

    Howcome no-one at BR ever strapped a Rolls Royce Goblin or two to a 4VEP ? Apart from the fact 4VEP’s are made of wood and burn nicely.

  21. bubba large says:


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