27 An Anchor Crash

An Anchor Crash

Posted on August 23, 2007 by

car crashes an anchor in Russia 1

Probably it’s the first time when the car hits the big sea anchor on the regular road in a big city, St. Petersburg.

car crashes an anchor in Russia 2

car crashes an anchor in Russia 3

car crashes an anchor in Russia 4

car crashes an anchor in Russia 3

car crashes an anchor in Russia 4

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27 Responses to “An Anchor Crash”

  1. caposkaw says:

    who has lost an anchor on the road?

  2. zafarad says:

    i think some kind of thefts are responsible for this problem.
    they never com back to pick their looted anchor.or few `U ASS` persons are allegedly involve in this crime.they paid for world biggest souvenir, lot of dollars.

  3. Marky says:

    “Dear Insurance company,
    I was driving along the road and an anchor fell upon me from the sky.”

    They’re never going to beleive that one!


  4. d.sukhin says:

    This occured in St.Petersburg 2-3 years ago, when the drunken marines were celebrating their Marine Day.
    They’ve taken one of the anchors that lie for decorative purposes at the St.Petersburg Admiralty building, and pulled it onto the palace Drive, that the Admiralyu faces (between the Admiralty and the Hermitage).
    What made the story worse, is the fact that this dtive leand to the Palace Bridge, a bascule bridge that opens in summer nights for ships to pass. Hence, in summer nights, car drives wanting to go from northern parts of the city to the south (and vice versa) come to the bridge, and wait for it to come down. When it does, they, tired of waiting, hit the gas pedal, and rush.
    Obviously, noone counts with such an obsticle on the road, just cross the bridge.
    The damages were impressive.

  5. Adam from Canada says:

    and they laughed at me when I opted for anchor impact insurance

  6. caposkaw says:

    I can only tell:
    “marines, vodka & anchor, they are troubles & pains!!”
    (a Italian motto says: women and motors, they are troubles and pains) :D

  7. Boris Abramov says:

    A russian answer to malfunctioning brakes. Genius!

  8. zafarad says:

    `escaping prisoner`

  9. Chas Zesati says:

    OK, mental experiment here: try looking at this from the standpoint of a five year old, then a teenager, then a young parent and finally a retired person. This kind of perspective really helps to clarify this situation for me.

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