42 Random Photos from Russian Weddings

Random Photos from Russian Weddings

Posted on August 22, 2007 by

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 1

Today some photos from Russian weddings..

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 2

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 3

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 4

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 5

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 6

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 7

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 8

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 9

Russian Weddings and Russian brides 10


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42 Responses to “Random Photos from Russian Weddings”

  1. Lev Aranovich says:

    That’s me on the last picture. Amazing what you can buy on Ebay!

  2. Vodka says:

    photo 4 : bride of chucky

  3. Chingau Wei says:

    Is it true that Russian women are like Mexican women? They are very beautiful when young but after age 35 their looks go straight to hell. True or false?

    • D says:

      True for most. There are some that can look good to old age.

      • caposkaw says:

        it is a alimentation problem… too fat, too vodka…
        mediterranean diet is better ! (i’m italian…:))

        • Boris Abramov says:

          I must admit Italian girls are Beautiful, espetially the ones from Sicily. But the Temperament is a general letdown.

          The one in 10th picture certainly is beautiful.

    • Pros says:

      Ha-ha. Where have you seen beautiful Mexican women?

      • Chingau Wei says:

        There are quite a few in Texas and Jessica Alba is a good example. The problem is, of course, that they don’t stay pretty for very long. The theory is that after the first child, their bodies go through the babushka metamorphosis, leaving them fat and super ugly for the rest of their lives. This happens to many races but in general, mexicans are the worst example I’ve seen.

    • maxD says:

      Some Russian women have the amazing genetic programming to stay pretty even when growing older. Good skin, good bones.

      The biggest problem for all women, including thse lucky ones, is the local food, which is in general very rich in carbohydrates [favorite salad dressing in Russia is i.e. mayonnaise], so they quickly lose their waistline and fatten up to the well known apple shape.

      And a woman without a waistline is not that attractive anymore, good skin or not.

  4. Bob says:

    Where are my comrades Igor and Pros?

  5. I am says:

    It’s for Lev

  6. I am says:

    It’s for Lev Aranovich

  7. Boris Abramov says:

    Aren’t you just proving his point?

  8. Boris Abramov says:

    I must agree with you Lev. Odessa has changes a lot since much of the Jewish community has moved away. But I think you are guilty of stereotyping “slavic russians” just as they are guilty of making stereotypes about Jewish people. There are good, bad, intelligent, dumb, kind and evil people present in all nationalities and races. So if you don’t like where Odessa or even Russian is heading, do something to change it. For example, I support the “World ORT” charity which now provides and supports educational resources throughout the CIS to the Jewish and other communities.

    If you are interested, here is a link:


  9. D says:

    Worry about your own people. The world seems to hate them more than they hate us.

    We dont care what you think about us.

    • Boris Abramov says:

      Come-on now D, you know that most Jewish peole are intelligent, wise, well educated, kind and are genually respected and looked up to in most countries. Lev Aranovich is just a bad specimen or perhaps is not Jewish at all. I agree though, people like him do tend to make Jewish people look bad. I just wish he was clever enough to understand that.

      • Lev Aranovich says:

        Come on Boris, stop pretending, you know what I say is true. This is the Internet, you dont have to be scared of anti-Semitic attacks here. For ones you could be yourself and say what you really think. I will – “most russians are worthless drunkards who are good for nothing except drinking vodka, being sick on the payments, shouting how much they love mother russia and fighting on the streets” No wonder they let themselves to be controlled and manipulated for 90 years. Has anything changed? Not as far as I can see.

        • John from Kansas says:

          And where are you from? Come on now, this is the Internet, you don’t have to be scared. Brag a little bit on yourself. Go on, tell us of your superiority.

  10. Lev Aranovich says:

    I dont hate, I just pitty your worthless county. And generally am sad to see what Odessa has been turned into.

  11. jflong100 says:

    Pic 11 is very telling… They never seem to let go of their mobile phones. Who the hell is she calling? Odds are pretty much everyone she knows is at the wedding!

  12. andrew says:

    I would love to be able to attend one of the russian weddings .. maybe one day …

  13. Victoria from Russia says:

    Do you really think so? Slaves?
    this is total nonsense!

    dont trust mass media

  14. Chod says:

    Alcohol and prostitute/wife/sister jokes are hackneyed…
    Try some new material.

  15. ruma says:

    hi all i have been to russia and stayed there for almost two years i being a woman feel russian woman are the best be it color figure or features,isvinethe pashalustha dasvidaniya

  16. Jul says:

    For those of you who are talking trash about Jews….you are all just jealous because we are one of the strongest and longest lived. You are mad because we make the most money and will never ever vanish….even the catholic g-d was known to be jewish at one point…and Odessa isn’t what it used to be because there are barely any Jews left there!!!!!!!

  17. claudia says:


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  19. Klaus says:

    The seventh Bride:
    “Oh my God, what I do??”

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