40 Plumber’s Bike

Plumber’s Bike

Posted on August 21, 2007 by

self-made bike from water pipes 1

Did you know, that in Russia plumbers spend their spare time making such constructions? Of course this vehicle can’t drive, but it will wash you perfectly instead.

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self-made bike from water pipes 2

self-made bike from water pipes 4

self-made bike from water pipes 5

submitted by Dart Waydah

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40 Responses to “Plumber’s Bike”

  1. xerra says:

    Cute,, can u take a shower while driving ?

  2. yingjai says:

    hahahha.. shower head for mirrors.

  3. zafarad says:

    very bad idea to build `BIKE` from the parts of house hold plumbing.although what we are seeing,there are no `BIKE`but `t r i k e`.because of three wheels are stuck to pipes.no engine,no gear box,no anything to drive him really.guy just passing their wast time to build it.

  4. Boris Abramov says:

    Igor, can you tell me what is going on with you and Pros, or is it some private domestic problem?

  5. zafarad says:

    Leonardo dowinchi titled his famous painting,the last supper.i title this T R I K E `the last travel`.

  6. Paglief says:

    I think this is display model to advertise possibly plumbing company. Sure we can criticise but it must catch people’s attention, and that’s what advertising is for. (Comment about showering after fatal crash did make me laugh a long time. Thanks, zafarad.)

    • just bob says:

      I agree. That is definitely a conversation piece. Somebody had a good imagination and a fare bit of time to come up with that.

  7. John from Kansas says:

    That is really neat.

  8. Pros says:

    And why is that?

    I’ll respond to all of your messages later today or tomorrow. Sorry – just having trouble to find some time to do that.

  9. Boris says:

    And what’s the point of making it if it doesn’t work?

  10. SantaCluster says:

    this bike is funny art :)
    placed near the store (shop) “Teplootdacha” in Tyumen city for advertise and fun.

  11. Josiah Goin says:

    Been plambing for many years and some great information there thanks.

  12. Maya Bailey says:

    i used to do DIY plumbing at home at my work seems to be on par with regular plumbers.~*:

  13. plumbing at home is usually easy, all you need is a little bit of internet research. “,.

  14. David Begum says:

    i di home plumbing at home because i enjoy doing home repair myself-*~

  15. i do my own plubming at home and it is quite easy specially if you have some basic tutorials`-“

  16. Great bike! but too large. Do the plumber really need that bike? well I guess maybe not…. Nice pictures.

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