17 Kiev Subway Ads

Kiev Subway Ads

kiev subway ads

A new way of advertising in Kiev subway: it’s not a movie in the window – it’s many single paintings written on the wall of the metro tunnel, so when the train moves at a high speed the pictures change very fast and it seems that there is a movie showing out for the passengers. See video below:

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17 Responses to “Kiev Subway Ads”

  1. Oles says:

    Very cool technique, at Zurich Airport they have the same.

  2. Domo says:

    Does it blink? I think, it should – otherwise you wouldn’t see it as a movie.

  3. kori says:

    It is not any novalty. In the Budapest metro you could see such ads years ago.

    • Dungeonbrownies says:

      That’s notthe point of its complexity. It’s ridiculously simple. Its not about CAN you do it. It’s just interesting to note that they DID do it.

  4. Zsommand says:

    Lol. Cool. They could have porn ADs too :)

  5. John from Kansas says:


  6. the attentive one says:

    Washington, DC metro has the same thing.

  7. mp says:

    saw similar ones in Washington D.C.

    Very cool

  8. illlich says:

    yes they are everywhere now, Boston has them for a couple years now.

  9. Ivan Bezdomny says:

    Very cool… I’ve seen some of these types of signs in Washington, DC also.

    My fear is that I’m reminded of the movie “Minority Report” – there’s a scene where the main character is running through a mall, and all the advertisments (which are posted absolutely everywhere) start yelling out to him…

    I’m afraid we’re getting close to that time in real life… : (

  10. Sacha says:

    saw similar stuff 5 years ago in Budapest metro. Not at fancy though it was in neon, i think.

  11. rebel says:

    There was also in Bucharest a similar type of advertisment in the subway. I haven’t seen one though for several months so i guess it isn’t very efficient. I know the fact that the subway train must mantain a certain speed for the eye to see the ad fluently

  12. Fred Frith says:

    They did this in 1977 in the Montreal Metro, which runs on rubber tires!!!!!

  13. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    Very cool! They should do more of this.

  14. Pros ex-man lover says:

    We know. So let it go.

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