10 A Globe of Moscow

A Globe of Moscow

Posted on August 20, 2007 by

a globe of Moscow 1

There was an old joke about Brezhnev and the globe of the USSR. Now there is no Brezhnev and the URRS as well, but here is the globe of Moscow.

a globe of Moscow 2

a globe of Moscow 3

a globe of Moscow 4

via manu-bmx

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10 Responses to “A Globe of Moscow”

  1. Max says:

    whats the Brezhnev joke?

  2. zafarad says:

    brezhnev`s favourite jock is ,one american and one russian meet in hell.they discuss their past experinces.american said,you are here because of your socialism.russian replied but you are for drinking vodka and killing your president.

  3. zafarad says:

    pics are not interested.simple technic used in pics.nothing but ord,

  4. agfdha says:

    Long live the URRS

  5. eye says:

    A man was standing in a queue in Moscow, waiting to buy Vodka. He waited and waited, queued and queued, but it was taking hours. Finally he had enough. “Right, that’s it, I’m off to kill Brezhnev!” he declared to rest of the queue, and marched away. Half an hour later he came back and took his place in the queue for Vodka. “That’s was quick. Did you get him?” his friends said. “You’re kidding!” he replied “I couldn’t wait. The queue to kill Brezhnev is ten times longer than here.”

  6. eye says:

    A women was looking out of the window of her Moscow flat. A Municipal lorry drove up and stopped on the public green. Two men wearing working clothes got out, both with spades, and one started to dig a hole in the grass. The other man stood and watched him.

    After he’d been digging for a while, he stopped, walked a few metres away, and started digging another hole. Then, the second man picked up his spade and started to fill in the first hole, patting the soil down nicely and putting the grass back on top. By now, the first worker had begun a new hole, and while he was busy, the second man waited. Then he started to fill in the second hole with the soil and patted it down, laying the grass on the patch of dirt.

    They carried on like this for several minutes, digging a hole, then filling it in. Finally, the woman couldn’t stand it and marched outside. “What on earth are you doing?!” she dmeanded. “We’re planting trees.” they replied. “Well then,” she said “where are the trees? Whya ren’t you putting a tree in the hole?” “Oh, that’s Gregor’s job and he’s sick today”.

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