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Street Dating

Posted on August 19, 2007 by

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 1

And after a visit to such a Barber’s Shop many Moscow visitors start to think that getting a Russian wife is a piece of cake, really. Right after they step out the hairdresser they find some lonely sitting Russian girl and start offering her his mobile phone. “Come with me! I will give you my MOBILE PHONE! Yes!”

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 2

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 3

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 4

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 5

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 6

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 7

Russian girl on the street of Moscow 8

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47 Responses to “Street Dating”

  1. adios says:

    чё за муть?

  2. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    What is such a hot girl doing sitting out on the street like that? This kind of thing is BOUND to happen.

  3. Pros says:

    That was an impersonator. Please ignore.

    • Pros says:

      Now THAT ‘s an impersonator !!! But irrelevant because…

      y’all know what’s coming…

      you should know him by now…
      name starts with a I…

      ends with a R

      2 letters between that…

      make a guess…

  4. rekcuf says:

    Nice girl!
    I would date her too!

  5. Texas1 says:

    That guy looks Mexican.

  6. Bullwinkle says:

    I think he bought that suite at a Russian Walmart.

  7. Bullwinkle says:

    Anyone watch the Bodog woman fights laqst night and see that Russian girl get butt wooped?

  8. Mahmoud Grotter says:

    He is not Turkish, but he is Azerbaidjanian.
    Well, it is almost the same.

  9. maxD says:

    No. I was reading War and Peace.

  10. Vodka says:

    at the last photo, he is explaining to the girl about the length of his cock.
    the girl smiles as she imagines.

  11. Pros says:

    What a BS. LOL

  12. mezzanine says:

    that guy is married already..

  13. mad1982 says:

    eheheh that cool man & cute girl

  14. hebele hubele says:

    lan dallamalar azerbaycanlı veya türk ne farkeder sonuçta karı taş gibi ve götürüyor malı bu kadar basit…

  15. asfarsadwea says:

    nice legs!

  16. [...] playa English Russia Street Dating __________________ The name of the game is creating [...]

  17. NWOkiller says:

    This picture is fake..

    1) woman dont sit in the grass, off the side of some dirty busy road.
    2) Just so happend to be a cameraman across the street? yeah right
    3) That guy couldnt get a date even if he was a oil tycoon.
    4) She gave him fake number

  18. inanna says:

    how do you know that he is Turkish? can not a british man talk a hot woman?of course they can not.they only can talk with their cold women.

  19. Bayan says:

    maaaan, i look at all the photos and get disgusted of how ugly this country, the most of the former USSR, is

    no matter how advanced your camera is or how much Photoshop edits are applied, you just can’t embellish the reality of this part of the world, freaking gloomy and twisted

    it even hurts the eyes looking at the pics

  20. sher ali says:





  21. Funny dude, i presume he is overestimating himself quite a bit …

  22. iddqd says:

    Guy please respect to this man. Watch and see how he can make a date even he is an ugly man.

  23. Lenny says:

    She is the most beautiful woman I have every seen! I would LOVE to meet her.. :-)

  24. Athena Diles says:

    The only problem is that the RSS is not responding properly with the google chrome browser :(

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  26. nawi says:

    i think he like that woman and try to get her . but you can’t blame that man. he’s look smart with clean suit and humble. if he get that women, he deserved it…

  27. Dahab Offers says:

    he do his best and won in the end

  28. sandeep says:

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    i m from india
    and i want a true and cincere girl for friendship
    my email address is – [email protected]
    only friends for friendship
    plz contact me

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  31. i love do date coz you experience something good emotionally while being with other people;-“

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  33. zig says:

    Jezz…it so easy:
    Babe, how about some lunch around here, then we hit Bondi Beach. :-)

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