64 Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site

Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site

Posted on August 19, 2007 by

Russian abanoned SAM site 3

After the Cold War was over many SAM sites became unnecessary and were left abandoned by
Russian army, like this one in Pechora region, deep inside woods.

Russian abanoned SAM site 4

Russian abanoned SAM site 5

Russian abanoned SAM site 1

Russian abanoned SAM site 2

Russian abanoned SAM site 6

Russian abanoned SAM site 7

Russian abanoned SAM site 8

Russian abanoned SAM site 9

Russian abanoned SAM site 10


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64 Responses to “Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site”

  1. TexasTriangle says:

    first, biatch

  2. knyn says:

    what’s written on the metal box on the last picture?

    • Amerikan says:

      Electric Oven 3kw 380v 50hz

      It’s where the Russkies warmed up their bagels, until they stole a microwave from the West and reverse engineered it.

      Oh wait. There were never microwaves in the USSR.

      • Mikhail says:

        BS. There were microwaves – although relatively expensive and not very popular. I never felt like needing one really. Hell, I barely use one here in US.

      • Dungeonbrownies says:

        Yea right liar, like the Soviets had access to bagels… pshht.

        • I. Forgot says:

          bagels are so jewish

          but toast…that’s 100% slavic!

        • Marina says:

          Bagels are originally from Eastern Europe. Jewish contribution to the world.

          • Adolf from Germany. says:

            Too bad you cannot get a bagel or find a bagel shop in Berlin anymore… I miss those days.

          • zafarad says:

            `Jewish contribution to the world`for what????????????????.lying,raping the history,terrorise un armed civillions,killing innocent childrens,crime against humanity,killing the right to expression,grabbing the land by force,wanna more………..huh contribution to the satanic world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Tim says:

              take a deep breath… let’s sit down, okay now i need you to start letting out your anger and letting in logic. It’ll be painful but you really need to stop blaming jews for everything, they can be annoying but i promise you they don’t drink human blood and if the Palestinians were such nice people why does every other nation deny them citizenship and keep them in ghettos?

              • zafarad says:

                hi tim,i am cool and fine now.thank you for your attention on my comments.you asked about,denial of citizenship for Palestinians by any nation on globe.ok now relex your nerves,out your biased breath fom your lungs.right now you are normal at this time,so we comeback to our dicussion.despite i do not want to go back in history,but i do say that josef goible is the student of lying science(but i personally not agree with)but Zionists are mastering them.they successfully convince all world,that they are the victim of nazis.till today all westren world is slave of his guilty feeling.so thus many not any nations can`t afford the walking on truth line.there are many straight forward guys in any community,even in jews.i respect them but problem is that they can`t be out spoken because of dirty web of mossad.

                • tim says:

                  well i’m glad you can separate people from rhetoric, we’ll work on history lessons in other post. though I’ve never met a non-outspoken jew anywhere in the world. That’s one of the things that makes them annoying.

                  and No I don’t feel guilty for the holocaust, my grandfather worked his ass off and helped stop it. In fact my local book seller was in a unit that freed a concentration camp. The stories he tells are chilling, what the Nazi’s did to the jews , slavs, communist, gypsies, and gays deserves to be remembered simple to keep Europe from ever getting on a soap box and preaching to the rest of us. Did you ever wonder why so few of the SS guards survived serving at the concentration camps? Apparently the GI’s who found them stuffed them in their own cells and starved them to death, the ones that the inmates didn’t kill. Don’t be so quick to forget why the jews fled Europe. It’s a problem but not even that serious a problem. Your real enemies are the arab dictators that steal your money and police your lives.

                  By “lying science” I presume you are talking about the art of Propaganda? It is a clever art look to Putin as the modern master.

                  • Meh says:

                    Jews have no honor, letting themselves be captured and refusing to fight, they should have been killed, would save us the effort for punishing them afterwards for being traitors.
                    If they had taken up arms and fought the Germans then maybe fewer people would have been killed.
                    They should stop getting free prizes for ‘the horrors of the past’, if we are not punished for the sins of our fathers as in the UN constitution, then why are they rewarded for what happened to their fathers.

      • zax says:

        Maybe microwave ovens were not so accessible to local population, but USSR produced them in huge quantities. I’ve once read that Iževskiy Mehaničeskiy zavod had annual production of thousands of microwave ovens, and it was all for export to USA, UK, and other western countries.

        • Bullwinkle says:

          No way, we never had any commie, Russian built microwaves in the US. Today, it seems like they are all built in China.

        • Sasha says:

          The soviets may have produced thousands of microwaves and other products, but that doesn’t mean they actually worked. The only thing they were concerned with was productivity and producing more than the US (or other western countries), it didn’t matter if the product worked or not, there was no such thing as “quality control”….. or “quality” at all. Same thing even now, show me a relatively nice soviet/russian car…. you can’t, because the only thing they build or lada’s which haven’t changed style or quality since they stole the idea from Fiat 50 years ago.

        • LArgecanine says:

          Doubtful. Never seen or heard of a Soviet microwave in the US. Reminds me of the silly propaganda about how US agricultural success was the result of Soviet built tractors.

          • Pacific NW says:

            Read the interweb more, try searching for ‘soviet’ and microwaves’. Lttle tip there fer ya!

            The propaganda about the tractors was reverse American propaganda, designed to look like Soviet propaganda. Do you still think all Russian woman have beards and are totally obese just like American women but with a mustache?

      • Darek says:

        Don’t think only about fast-food. As I see this device was used for heating not for cooking.

        380V – it means it was heater on three-phases electrical supplay (in Europe there was: 380V it was a voltage between “phases”; 220 V it was voltage between “phase” and “ground” – now, there is 230 V).

        P.S. Why on picture 1. there are quadrangle soldier hats ? It’s Polish soldier hats. Had Red Army soldiers any similiar hats ?

        • PumaElBusta says:

          in hungary, the railroad staff had similar earlier :D

        • renton says:

          Definitely polish one. Looks like our folks were preparing and reporting progress to techers (2nd picture) For sure the same people would be able to control US rockets in polish base of american “Security shield”.

    • Oleg K says:

      The sign sez:
      “Electrical Heater
      Powered by 3 kilowatt
      Current 380 volts
      frequency 50 hertz
      serial # …. “

  3. OverLoad says:

    Let’s go there throw few generators and start a schranz rave party :D

  4. Pavel says:

    If I have time I will find an abandoned silo, restore it, and then live in it.

    • Echo says:

      Seriously, I’m not sure why people haven’t. Decent structures that don’t appear to be falling to pieces, I’m surprised that people haven’t moved in to them. Maybe they’re too far from the cities?

      • asda says:

        Here in the US the problem is toxins. Similar installations are toxic, they would just dump fuel and who knows what else into the ground. Now the groundwater is contaminated in these areas.

      • Oleg K says:

        People do not move there for multiple reasons:

        1. Too far away from cities (those are very remote locations this one is in Karelia, few hundred miles south of Arkhangelsk)

        2. Despite of what people might think about Russia, there are building codes and housing/zoning laws.

        3. I am very sure that this land and structures are STILL on the books of the Diffence ministry. They might not need these facilities now…

        P.S. One of the reasons these facilities are a now abandoned is this. This used to be the site for S-200 Air diffence system. This is a STATIONARY system. Since mid 80-s Russia introduced S-300, S-300PMU and S-400 systems. Those are far superior to the S-200 and have greater range and are MOBILE. These new systems are based on trucks and move around from time to time. Maintaining extensive and EXPENSIVE infrastructure for the S-200 systems became a great burden. Naturally Russian military de-commissioned S-200s, sold (or gave away) systems to Iran, Syria, Algeria, N. Korea, Cuba, etc, and abandoned the facilities. Notice on the pictures you do not see any of the EQUIPMENT. There are NO launchers, boosters, radars, radar dishes…

  5. Pros says:

    Where in the world is my butt buddy Boris Abramov?

  6. sashok says:

    it’s a shame we’ve left all those stations behind, could’ve used them for something.

    anf btw, in russia we have our own bagels, ‘bubliki’ and they taste hell of a lot better than heavy underbaked bagels. and micwaves are only useful for heating up disgusting instant foods, which yanks so love.

    • Pros says:

      Ha-ha. What makes you think that the facility is “Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site.”?

    • Marina says:

      You tried it yourself, I guess ? Bubliki are smaller and not like bagels, which are cooked first before being baked without using fat.


      Why is it always US vs Russia ? Why not another country ? UK ? Germany ? France ? San Marino ? Uruguay ?

      They didn’t teach you at school that there are almost 200 different states in the world ? Making you think it’s just the US and Russia and all the rest is irrelevant ?

      It’s like a reflex for the russians – all comments MUST be american and therefore critizised. Too simple, Alexander.

  7. pan-am says:

    First and second photos.. This is Pechora? ROTFL
    This is Mrzezyno in Poland (78. Pulk der Raketen-Flugabwehr)

  8. Vodka says:

    It says , do not put wet cats or dogs in this oven to make them dry.
    Also a warning that food prepared is hot.
    they got this idea from the americans

  9. zafarad says:

    why after just 16 short years,in former cccp every thing looks so abandoned?i think souvenir hunters of the world especially U ASS of A`s looted every thing ,which are belongs to the cccp.american collectors collect everything,worthy or worthless,like condom of nepolian.in U ASS of A,when you touch historical item like pow of civil war hero,many security guys run towards you and take back HISTORICAL item from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.U ASS has no history but black history of ethnic cleansing of local red indians.their extermination tactics wipe out the Indian population.

  10. zafarad says:

    ABMs or AAMs fixed launchers are likely to hit easily rather than mobile platforms.i think new russian government decide to eliminate un nessesory installations.if you remember 1960`s U2 U ASS spy plane shooting in russian air space,might be the same does that task.when i compare russian and nazi german military leftover’s,i don`t differentiate between two!!!!

  11. Pepovich says:

    Saludo a los gilis de meneame

  12. Pacific NW says:

    And Chiner Ain’t no commie, eh! Who cares, no one here invented the microwave, stop pretending like you did.

  13. O_North says:

    “sorry i am emotional but truth is fighting machine must destroy for the sack of humanity.” -zarafad the polesmoker

    Humanity has a sack? Well I am assuming that most of the readers here are male, then I wholeheartedly agree…We must fight the machine for humanities ‘sack’…Its a precious thing after all (sorry ladies…u could never understand).

    Stop the ‘new’ cold war…Rub humanities sack!


  14. Gurtek-singh says:

    I am agree with the comment of “Oleg K” great comment.

  15. Macko says:

    There are Polish troops on those archive photos.

  16. Dosug says:

    Разительно полезная инфа, согласен с автором!

  17. Me says:

    Is it just me, or r there some sort of apparitions in picture no.4?
    Im gettin goosebumps.

  18. Pros says:

    That’s an interesting idea.

  19. Pros says:

    Imposter ! But you got the message right.

  20. Pros says:

    And I don’t have friends on this site (yet). Only sympathizers (maybe).

  21. Pros says:

    Who’s Imposter?

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