19 Nailed Eggs

Nailed Eggs

Posted on August 18, 2007 by

a nest made from nails 1

The author of these photos have spotted pigeons building something from the nails on his roof. So he decided to keep an eye on it and made the whole photo-story.

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a nest made from nails 2

a nest made from nails 3

a nest made from nails 4

a nest made from nails 5

a nest made from nails 6

a nest made from nails 7

a nest made from nails 8

a nest made from nails 9

submitted by Alex
via fishki.net

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19 Responses to “Nailed Eggs”

  1. Petya says:

    People, you continue posting pictures as meaningless as that, soon there will no visitors here at all (Pros is not included, he is eternal, universally speaking).

  2. Petya says:

    Cute. Boring too. Sorry. How is this Russia?

  3. John from Kansas says:


  4. Justin says:

    Cute pets, but advertising that spoof website is just lame, probably another attempt to create a bonsai kitten website to fool the easily amused.

  5. Sarah Asimov says:

    Pros, please keep your personal homosexual desires for bald men to your self. Now you and Igor go of to the woods to enjoy each other so you can leave the rest of us alone.

  6. mckd says:

    Damn. Russian pigeons are hard core. I love this blog. Please keep it coming.

  7. zafarad says:

    these are not `russian` pigeons!!!!.but they are last few lefts of old `hardcore`soviet birds.they had useto for econonic hardships.i am so amazed that nails and steel wires don`t harm the chicks.they are looking ok.

    • Pigeon says:

      Pigeons will build nests out of any old rubbish, I gave mine bits of chopped up coloured wire out of old VCRs and they built rainbow coloured nests with it. Sometimes they don’t bother to build an actual nest at all, if they find a sort of hollow that they like they will just lay their eggs in that.

      In the last picture the smaller chick looks dead to me :(

  8. zafarad says:

    in extereme ruusian weather conditions,how poor birds and insects survive!!!!.

  9. Jujubes says:

    I feel so bad for the birds and especially chicks who lay in a nest of nails! Not such a good insulator. So uncomfortable. I wanna make a nest for them now XD

  10. First-rate work. You have won a recent fan. Please keep up the fabulous work and I look forward to more of your intriguing posts.

  11. russian__man says:

    listen me you stipid englishmens in yhis web sait is fotoed of the worse page of russua

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