23 Golf Car on a Highway

Golf Car on a Highway

Posted on August 18, 2007 by

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 1

On this road, which encircles Moscow and has a 60 mph speed limit (meaning nobody goes slower than 60 mph) and is being used to access different parts of Moscow fast, somebody has spotted a golf car which had to do 60 mph too or otherwise it would be smashed by the following cars.

Let’s take a closer look.

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 2

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 3

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 4

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 5

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 6

golf car spotted on the moscow dangerous highway 7

via ru_auto

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23 Responses to “Golf Car on a Highway”

  1. Pros says:

    Please continue my message. LOL

  2. Texas1 says:

    Maybe that is the Lada knock-off of the new Mercedes Smart GmbH.

  3. Drive around the various retirement communities in the USA and you will see old people doing the same exact thing with their golf carts.

  4. Lasse says:

    Isnt´it Putin driving it?

  5. Pee Wee Herman says:

    A golf cart chase is the highlight of any action movie.
    I learned this from Bruce Willis.


  6. zafarad says:

    i think this golf cart,is test bed for high speed Russian super car!!!!!.but i have still wondered.because of totally absence of traffic police.

  7. Igor says:

    This is all Igor can Afforded. when im not driving my truck which is missing a wheel, or the one thats crashed into airplane, or im not drinking my vodka, im driving my golf cart on freeways,

  8. neg says:

    This car is made by a Japanese car manufacturer Mitsuoka, probably.
    engine displacement:0.05L max speed:60km/h

  9. Fundraisers says:

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  14. Emma Hill says:

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  15. Doug Wulff says:

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