20 Down the River Desna

Down the River Desna

Posted on August 17, 2007 by

original way of garbage utilization 1

If you want to visit Russia and go to a camping there, you will discover that rubbish heaps is probably the main problem of Russian forests, especially near built-up areas. But these fellows have found quite original way of how to utilize scattered garbage, especially plastic bottles.

original way of garbage utilization 2

original way of garbage utilization 3


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20 Responses to “Down the River Desna”

  1. Pros says:

    Guys, I’ve got some news for you…

  2. Pros says:

    Do you know who IGOR is?

  3. Russ, Ian says:

    No, Why don’t you tell us Pros!

  4. yingjai says:

    I’m surprised it works. In the first pic you can clearly see the bags aren’t completely tied shut.

    Also, the author makes it sound like these people are cleaning up the place. After they’re done with the raft, I’m pretty sure they’ll just dump everything back on the shore.

  5. adios says:

    а я думал будут фото мусора на берегу Десны

  6. Растаман Соколов says:

    now thats what i call creative thinking … wouldn’t you say ..

  7. serviving says:

    The guy wearing the #5 shirt is polluting the river by peeing in it.
    Or is he beating some natural GLUE out??

  8. Mahmoud A. says:

    I like the nice blondie in the tight jeans. She is eco-friendly!

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