17 Cockroach Bread

Cockroach Bread

Posted on August 17, 2007 by

bread loaf with a cockroach trap inside 1

Some people say that cockroaches have disappeared from many houses lately, but it seems they have not disappeared from this Russian bread bakery – workers use cockroach traps.

bread loaf with a cockroach trap inside 2

bread loaf with a cockroach trap inside 3

via fishki.net

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17 Responses to “Cockroach Bread”

  1. Pros says:

    But it’s not.

  2. Kazik says:

    thats the consequences of soviet empire…. in the russian empire cockroaches wouldnt even be in russia!

  3. wisconsin1 says:


    I think I have what your looking for. I’ve recently had a Brazilian wax and have the experience to satisfy you much better than Igor.

  4. Cheka says:

    I’m astonished that it isn’t more than that, by far. You’d think it would be hundreds of roaches per resident.

    • Pros says:

      They will probably be the last of the Mohicans on Earth.

    • Petya says:

      You, provincial American putz. In New York City, the cockroach ruled the city! I personaly killed them in thousands. Moscow is one of their domains. They are everywhere. Learn from the cockroach!

  5. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    So let me get this straight… IGOR is a… polka-dotted bookworm?

  6. Hrothgaar says:

    Why are russians trying to kill their own ralatives? Everybody knows that a russian is a human-cockroach

  7. Pros says:

    The text is right but the nick is wrong.

  8. zafarad says:

    love the only survivors after nuclear explosion!!!!.respect them .they are our last guarantee of evolution!!!!!.

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