31 Weird Urban Design

Weird Urban Design

Posted on August 14, 2007 by

weird urban design in Novosibirsk

Quite weird urban design was spotted from space on the territory of Russia by Google Earth users. This is the district of Novosibirsk city.

Take a closer look after the jump.

weird urban design in Novosibirsk

via pantera-ra

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31 Responses to “Weird Urban Design”

  1. EmineFine says:

    What is so weird about this? It looks lovely to me…but then I live in Turkey, the land of sharp angles…

  2. H Cook says:

    Circle the wagons at the end of the day, this keeps in the horses and cattle and keeps out the indians

  3. Jack says:

    Looks like the planners might have been inspired by Ebenezer Howard Garden Cities or, more likely, Le Corbusier’s later thinking on planning.

  4. Kleptoman says:

    Does someone has coordinates for Google earth?

  5. agfdha says:

    Coordinates: 54°55’8.52″N 82°59’17.35″E

  6. heyyoucanchangeyourname says:

    You have to admit, although Stalinist architecture was ugly, it got the job done and maximized all possible space. More than you can say for this complex, pretty though it is :P

  7. void says:

    It is better to live in such kind of ugly house than nowhere

  8. Amerikan says:

    There is much logic to circle buildings, and they are built everywhere, even in Moscow in 2007, even with its much warmer climate than Novosibirk.

    These buildings stop wind. You probably heard that it’s cold in Russia, and it’s even colder in the wind, so buildings are put up in circles, with huge courtyards for children to play and park cars. It’s much more comfortable there, and no snow drifts.

  9. illlich says:

    any truth to the story that there are homeless children living in the sewers of Novosibirsk, begging for money and sniffing glue?

    • oldperson says:

      Not sewers, but other underground utilities, like water pipes and electricals. How else do you keep warm? It ain’t Orlando where bums can sleep in shorts outside.

  10. Russ, Ian says:

    Somebody has to explain this blogger the meaning of the word “weird”. He uses it very loosely around here.

  11. glvoid says:

    not weird at all; the design is for the ground to open up and blast ballistic missiles at the enemies of Russia;

  12. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    That’s Krasnoobsk, a suburb of agricultural academy. Circles of higher buildings slows down the wind and lower building inside form even more barriers for wind. All institutes of the academy reside in one group of buildings (very bottom of google screenshot) and connected by a gallery so you can go from building to building without get dressed/undressed.

  13. numb says:

    No matter the building era, there are good looking girls/women living in them :)

  14. Aleksander Sergiev says:

    What is so strange about it? I like the way it looks.

  15. dfnsk says:

    They wanted to build Olympic logo before 1980. But only one and a half circles were finished.

  16. Don Chichot says:

    This circle looks similar to the part of town in Need for Speed: Most Wanted game. ;-)))

  17. Kristjan says:

    No, it’s not Krasnoobsk, it’s Novosibirsk, near the North-east corner. I was there by mistake once (I missed my bus stop and had to go to the end of the line, the round buildings).

    Or at least there’s a complex like that in Novosibirsk. And Krasnoobsk is sort of a suburb of Novosibirsk.

  18. Jeff T says:

    Isn’t that a big scientific research development? I saw it about six months ago on Google Earth and checked it out.

  19. Gerry says:

    They can install rockets underneath and launch it to orbit…would become complete space city without modifications :-) :-)

  20. Carl Trautmann says:

    Can you connect me to Shubina Gardens in Krasnoobsk – web site or email address.

  21. Paulo says:

    My girlfriend lives here!

  22. Jesse says:

    If you follow the link for google maps this is clearly a suburb of Tallin…the capital of Estonia!

  23. Jesse says:

    Also, the picture at the top is not the same complex as the link to google earth in the comments section, this is quite clear. The link is to Tallin, the picture I suppose is Novosibirsk

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