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Hood Nest

Posted on August 13, 2007 by

birds nest under the car hood 1

It turned out, that Russian birds are quite inventive and creative as Russian people as well. We’ve already told about the pigeon that has made a nest from short wires scattered around the warehouse of one IT company.

But this smart bird has weaved its nest and even layed eggs straight under the car hood. It’s quite convenient to travel around without flying.

birds nest under the car hood 2

birds nest under the car hood 3

birds nest under the car hood 4

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29 Responses to “Hood Nest”

  1. John says:

    Dude you need help ?

  2. illlich says:

    I don’t think birds in Russia consider themselves “Russian”, after all birds migrate over several countries and continents during the course of their lives, and animals in general don’t understand abstract concepts like “nationality” or “borders.” One can sing the praises of “our ingenious Russian birds” or “our proud American pigeons” but they were around long before either country existed, and will be here long after either is gone. You might as well praise “our hard Russian rocks” or “our wet American water, far wetter than the waters of other countries.”

    Furthermore, making a nest and laying eggs in a car is foolish– if the car goes on a long trip for a weekend, and the bird happens to be out looking for food, she/he comes back to find the nest gone. Of course what do birds know about cars, they just saw what looked like a good place to make a nest.

    • illlich says:

      The post says “Russian birds are quite inventive and creative”– well, ALL birds are inventive and creative, he seems to be singling out “Russian” birds as somehow special, and they’re not, they’re just birds, and they’re no more “Russian” than the clouds or the water. It just reminds me of old Soviet propaganda. AND if that is so obvious, and I am apparently a “birdbrain” for pointing it out, well then the admin here is too for posting it, and you are as well for your “common sense” (after all, my own post was obviously “common sense” as well, or so you imply in your first sentence).

    • Pros says:

      Are you a stutterer? I don’t like your punctuation.

  3. Brendan says:

    The past few items from English Russia have been disappointing to say the least.

  4. EliseiZorine says:

    hello: this is a daily invitation to drink beer with if such opportunity comes around;

  5. ostrie.ru says:

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    этого различные курсы. У нас в Омске время от времени проходят семинары
    под названием “Инсайд”. Там, значит, учат людей, в том числе, бороться с
    комплексами. Ну, там кто милостыню садится просить в центре, надев
    костюм-тройку, кто с парашютом из троллейбуса прыгает и т.д.
    Так вот, на одном из занятий слушателям предложили такое упражнение:
    “найдите в толпе человека, к которому вам подойти страшнее всего и
    попытайтесь с ним познакомиться.”
    Одна дама решила не откладывать выполнение задания в долгий ящик, и
    стала искать такого человека в толпе на остановке, сразу после окончания
    занятия. Видит, стоит, прислонившись к ларьку жутковатый тип. Этакая
    смесь Шварцнегера с Фрэдди Крюггером. Поборола она в себе животный страх
    перед этим человеком, подошла к нему и говорит:
    – Простите пожалуйста, что нарушаю ваше одиночество, но мне очень
    хочется с вами познакомиться…
    А он ей:
    – У вас что, в дурдоме день открытых дверей? Ты ко мне третья

  6. ElizeiZorine says:

    if russia, belorussia and ukraine fought a war between eachother, which side would _-YOU-_ take, why & who would win in your opinion? ;

  7. Pros says:

    Thank you! I appreciate it.

  8. L says:

    Russian girls look better than ukrainan and belorussian

  9. Dora the Explorer sez: There's a monkey in my backpack with GPS! says:


  10. Bullwinkle says:

    Pro’s should change his name to Bart Simpson. I wonder if he types each of those individually or if he is smart enough to use copy and paste.

  11. Pavel says:

    I had furry creatures collect acorns on my engine. I was driving and it smelt like burnt nuts.

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